The Weirdest Excuses Parents Gave to Their Kids Who Caught Them Having Sex

Sometimes, kids are just too young to be given the sex talk. Recently, the folks at Whisper collected a few of the most ridiculous sexplanations given by parents…

9 responses to The Weirdest Excuses Parents Gave to Their Kids Who Caught Them Having Sex

  1. These would be funnier if it wasn’t obvious half of them were totally fake.

    Also the chicken dance one is cutting off the rest of the text. They did the chicken dance [for real] with WHAT? Also wtf position were that couple in that their kid bought the chicken dance excuse?

  2. These would be funnier if most of them wouldn’t be a really sick thing to tell a child. Your door has a lock or buy one at home depot. Zero reason for any child to ever have to come across this.

    1. Yes, because for thousands of years children were traumatized because our ancestors didn’t have locks on their doors. Or, they didn’t even have doors!

      It’s a natural part of the human experience. The issue is that adults don’t want to have to explain it because we are conditioned that sex is “bad.”

    2. many tribes still bone in front of all their family as they share a house with no doors or interior walls. its purely your western thinking and what you are told to do by whoever it be docs gov, , papers, tv and friends .

  3. Or you say “We were having sex” then explain what that means if they don’t understand.

    But you know, lying to a kid and giving them false ideas about the world they live in is another way to go.

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