Coworkers Have Fun Photoshopping Sleeping Intern Into Various Photos

Apparently, you should never fall asleep at work. Because, it’s happened before, and it just happened to this guy – his coworkers went crazy with Photoshop… [via mashable]

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  1. competitive world for the millenial cham-ee-yungs out there. funny how they turn on each other like this

      1. It’s beyond a joke when the whole world sees it. It used to be that you would get your photo taken and it would be kept by the boss etc for memories or someone would draw a mustache on you, or the boss would see you. It actually pisses me off the way someone’s rights are suddenly removed and your coworkers have the right to spread your photo around everywhere just because you’ve fallen asleep. I would love to see the looks on their faces if this guy revealed he had a sleep disorder or some shit. Even if HE himself through this was amusing, it’ll only encourage a bunch of other fuckwits to do it to soemone who doesnt want to be photographed.

        1. I have narcolepsy. Napping at work was considered a disability accommodation. (during lunch or break times)

        2. WhoaWHOA “nahfuckthis” This man was actually saved by his coworkers. He wished to be in a meme all his life and was severely depressed by lack of. Because of this he feels alive. ALIVE!! Cant u just be proud of him?!?!

    1. Fire an intern??

      LoL, you clearly don’t get how this works.

      You see, you make an intern program to get people to do free menial work on the lofty promise of experience and a potential job. Of course hiring interns is statistically dismal, but we won’t share that with them.

      We will however continuously berate them to prolong their free services for as long as possible and allude to them not being hirable if they fail to complete the program.

      And you make sure to make them feel like they don’t have a leg to stand on if they point out that using interns as free labor is explicitly illegal.

      Most of all, you need to make sure that you keep the constant massage going that internships are mandatory to get a real job, even though it does almost nothing in helping you get one.

      1. last time i checked this site wasn’t called “The Dick Weasle Show”
        Yea man, f”ck you

        1. I wish he’d be banned, or die. If you sleep at a job you should be fired to make way for someone who cares whether paid or not.

        2. Can’t refute the logic so you resort to that blathering?

          That’s sad.

          Dick Weasle can definitely be irritating, but what is wrong with you people to write such unnecessarily hostile responses? You think its okay to publicly wish someone you don’t like would die because it’s the internet? (I’ve heard jerks use that excuse before.) Maybe you two should go spend some time in the real world and get some damn perspective back.

    2. Why? Who is to say he wasn’t on lunch or break? Also, have you ever worked full time while going to school? If not, then you have zero clue how exhausting it is. If you have, then you should be more sympathetic.

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