The Creepy Girl From ‘The Grudge’ Has a Hilarious Instagram Account

There’s a new movie coming out that blends the worlds of ‘The Ring’ and ‘The Grudge.’ To help promote the film, the Kayako character has been given an Instagram account. The pictures are actually pretty funny…

17 responses to The Creepy Girl From ‘The Grudge’ Has a Hilarious Instagram Account

  1. “The pictures are actually pretty funny‚Ķ”
    Yeah, not seeing it, dude. They are not subverting or commenting on the scary zombie haunted monster genre. They are just doing normal things in Halloween makeup!

    1. It’s the characters, from a classic Japanese horror movie, doing lighthearted things. You’re more serious than the characters in the original movie and they died, man, who hurt you?

      1. “Who hurt you?” HA! Oh man that’s great!

        You should tell him that he must be fun at parties next!

  2. I guess it’s fitting that it’s basically the same joke over and over considering that creepy kids has been done over and over again in lazy horror movies.

          1. Ops? Ya mean like “Black Ops” or did you mean to say “oops” but you failed at it, like you failed at life?

  3. When the Japanese version came out a friend of mine who was a former Recon Marine went to see it I met him about a month later over coffee and he told me he went to it, so I asked what did you think? His face got rather serious and he said I still can’t look into a closet without expecting to see that damn girl ghost.

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