This Facebook Page is Dedicated to Spoiling Clickbait (12 Pics)

Alternate post title: Facebook Page is Single-Handedly Ruining Clickbait Sites With This One Devious Trick! The Facebook page Saved You a Click is here to help  spoil your need to click on terrible articles. Oftentimes, it only takes a couple words…

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21 responses to This Facebook Page is Dedicated to Spoiling Clickbait (12 Pics)

  1. In some cases, a little more context would be helpful, especially when the clickbait not only raises a question but also deceives you. Like, did that man really die from drinking energy drinks? Did he drink like 40 of them and throw off his body’s osmotic balance? Did he simply exacerbate a preexisting heart condition? Did he mix them with something that causes a harmful chemical interaction? In other words, I doubt very much that I’m going to click on that article and find out that if I drink a Red Bull, I have a 20 percent chance of shitting myself, vomiting blood, and dying of “too much energy.”

    1. It’s actually because 1 in 250,000 energy drink cans is laced with cyanide. Those might sound like reasonable odds until you realise that your energy-drink-drinking acquaintances generally get through about 10-12 cans a day.

      (I’m kidding about the cyanide bit btw. Just in case anyone isn’t inclined to fact-check things I pulled out of my arse. I am not kidding about the people who drink 10-12 cans a day, quite frankly I’m amazed they don’t constantly vibrate from caffeine nerves.)

    2. I haven’t read that particular article but just going from the picture and similar cases I’ve heard of, I suspect he developed liver failure. This is a known problem with regular excessive (ie several a day) consumption of energy drinks, as well as a number of herbal / “natural” supplements.

  2. While I have learned to avoid clickbaits 99% of the time, I commend anyone who helps others reduce time wasted on B.S. internet posts.

  3. This is why everyone should get ad block.

    But not for every site. This site is good.

    In fact, we should all take a second and click on a few ads as a tip.

  4. I think it would have been funnier to title this post, ‘You’ll never guess what this man has dedicated his Facebook to!’

  5. Now, if we can get something like this for our daily news… CNN, CBS, ABC etc.
    I’m getting really fed up with the ‘you have to read this story to appreciate it’ BS…

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