Artist Illustrates Weird ‘Would You Rather’ Questions

Los Angeles based illustrator/writer Hallie Bateman recently put together this series of ‘Would You Rather’ graphics. Rack your brain to decide between each scenario, then go follow Bateman on Twitter. [via huffpo]

Would you rather…

7 responses to Artist Illustrates Weird ‘Would You Rather’ Questions

  1. Hang on rat kabob vs blue jay burger?

    Isn’t that really asking “would you rather live in Demolition Man of Trailer Park Boys?”

  2. Unlimited fresh bread sticks whenever, where ever, for the rest of your life plus $100,000.

    Or Mr. Fantastic’s stretchy power, but only in your pants?

    *Straight women get it for their guys and lesbians get to grow gear at will that has this ability.

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