These 19 Signs Prove That People Are Getting Stupider

The fact that these signs needed to be posted is only further proof that our species is devolving… [via guff]

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      1. No way, only stupid people live in America. Nobody in any other country who has ever lived has been stupid. Also the last one is also from England. The address is cut off, but High Wycombe is definitely in England. Also it says “made in EU” so PROBABLY not an American product.

        And frankly I wonder how many of these were meant to be taken as a joke. Like the “open box before eating pizza”, since you have to have opened the box to see that message. SOMETIMES people do things that are supposed to be taken as a joke, and not as a serious warning because LOLOL DUMB AMERICANS. They’re so stupid they probably don’t even know where High Wycombe is.

        1. and then there are anal retentive morons like you! i think i would rather be american then like you! all that childish hatred must have backed you up, causing some massive cranial constipation!

        1. Yeah and mexicans live in Egypt. This is the poorest attempt at trolling these weary eyes have seen.

    1. America: Too busy being the largest economy, creating the modern world, and going to the moon to go around calling other countries stupid.

      Sorry about your insecurities Whales.

      It must be difficult when Vikings came through and took all the pretty genes.

      1. either you meant Wales in which case, learn to spell or you meant whales in which case why the capital?
        America are no longer the largest economy (thanks for that china), may have created the modern world but have been in a steady decline for the last 50 years (also the length of time since someone went to the moon)

        1. Are you really arguing global policies and economics ON A FUCKING PIC DUMP!

          You leave me no option: Your mom has been on a steady decline for 50 yrs… DAMN SON!!!!!

        2. China has the largest economy why? Because there are over a billion people there? Or because a vast majority of their money-making products are routed through American companies? What do you suppose would happen to China if the US suddenly stopped all imports?

          And you may be saying “well, suppose China decided to stop shipping everything America needs, then what?” I’ll tell you: WalMart would go out of business and it would lead to the greatest economic boom in the US’s history.

  1. The food labels are required by law. If a food product contains any of the big eight allergens, it has to say so. That applies to all food, even if it is only the allergen and nothing else.

  2. Wonderful human traits like curiosity, ingenuity, and determination are often seen as stupidity when they lead to an undesirable outcome.

  3. If find it ironic that the person making a statement about people being stupid used the term “stupider”. not a word…there is a book that would help you with this; it’s called a dictionary.

    1. Fun fact: a word is “real” if people can use it to effectively communicate. Language is alive.

      And, because you’re such a pedant, punctuation other than question marks and parentheses should be inside the quotation marks.

  4. The “Sidewalk Ends” one was near where I was living. Seriously, people would ride their skateboards off it and hurt themselves. That’s why they put the sign RIGHT THERE. It used to be a “let’s grab a lawn chair and a beer and be rednecks and watch” kind of thing. Now they just smack into it. Makes a lot of noise, but it’s not as much fun to watch.

  5. Japan is the WORST of all the countries of obvious warning signs. There’s nothing in that country that doesn’t have one, usually in picture format.

    And truth be told, this coddling kind of shows with tourist sometimes.

    When I lived on Guam there was a Japanese couple that let their four year old daughter run ahead of them on a side walk. About 50 yards ahead. Next to a 45 mile an hour high traffic road.

    The girl jumped off the curb and was hit and dragged by a car and the driver never saw her, being FOUR and all.

    Luckily she survived and just had some severe road rash, but still.

    1. i do NOT know why you told this story. do you want us to think that, because one couple did something dumb, that thats proof of the stupidity of all japanese? or do you just want people to think that america isnt the only country in the world thats dumb ?
      (its just a stereotype, ignore it. once they are formed, they are really sticky, a pleated jeans comment sadly cant change that)

    2. My husband is currently taking an OSHA class. You know there are those “wires overhead” signs? You know how stupid that seems? In the class, the teacher showed a ten minute video of security footage (from China – safety standards there are terrifying) of a painters scaffold that hit a wire. There were three painters. You can see the moment the scaffold hits the wire. They all go rigid and then fall down. Over the course the video, one of the painters gets up and escapes. One body starts smoking. The second body starts smoking, and the first one bursts in to flames.

      That kind of thing is why we have those obnoxious signs every time. There’s no exemption for something being super obvious.

      It’s also common in China for people to be eaten by escalators. There are no signs about safety switches or risks.

      I wouldn’t say that Japan is codling. There are a lot of people in a very small space, and people need to know what risks they’re facing.

      Bad parents exist everywhere. It’s not about signs.

    3. Okay, yes, my story IS anecdotal. And no, I’m not trying to say Japanese people are stupid.

      I’m saying that that particular couple didn’t take the necessary steps to assure their daughter was safe and didn’t think.

      The story is just what I can draw from, and from being in Japan multiple times I can say that their safety signs are ridiculous both in quantity and in quality.

  6. The warning: battery has been removed one makes sense.

    It’s no doubt the inside of a warning device, likely a smoke alarm. The scenario is person A removes the battery and person B sees the situation–it makes it very obvious to B that there’s a problem.

  7. English or American, no difference. The most stupid people obviously speak English as all the signs etc are in English. My native language is not English and I’m not stupid. Honest!

  8. Please norice that all the signs etc. are in English. I suppose that proves that the most stupid people live in countries where English is the official language. Be that USA or UK or wherever.

    1. Have you thought the fact that the signs are in English are not a sign that English speakers are the most stupid people on earth, but maybe that the first language of the person creating the posts is English; therefore any signs they would post/understand would probably be in English? I’m sure there are stupid sign in all languages- it just happens that this post is about the English language ones in particular

  9. I think all these pictures point to one thing; “common” sense is, sadly, grossly over-estimated. Common sense is in fact not common at all.

    England, America, whatever… They made me giggle.

  10. I remember when this site wasnt a fucking.

    Btw america neigh-sayer, america is a insanely young country, couple that with the ammount we have accomplished and I can say with confidence: fuck off, your shit oppinion are shit on the interwebs as theyre shit elsewhere.

    Damn terrorist.

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