Funny Pic Dump (5.18.16)

viajake likes onionsviaviaviavia

viaviaviamr lovensteinviaviaviaviaviasarah andersen
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  1. So, question. They’re offering cash for diabetic test strips. Now, are these unused test strips only, or am I looking at a windfall here?

    1. People that get strips through insurance either free or reduced sell extras to people that don’t have insurance. Insured makes some money and uninsured gets cheaper strips. That’s what I read when I saw a similiar sign. Normally in lower income areas.

  2. I get yelled at when I say I don’t have a problem pulling out shirts to look at in department stores, but then the site turns around and shows a picture of a display that was dumped on the ground as a joke.

    Just saying.

  3. There’s no 2nd R in Sherbet. Yay, I got to be a grammar Nazi troll today!!! Now I’m going to go over here and my hate myself for awhile.

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