Photographer Mom Captures Her Adorable Toddler Stuck in Adult Situations

Washington-based photographer Alaina Lynn has taken to photographing her son and his Little Tikes car. This photoseries pokes fun at an adult’s little life moments in the most adorable way. Follow Alaina on Facebook for more. [via someecards]

19 responses to Photographer Mom Captures Her Adorable Toddler Stuck in Adult Situations

    1. Mom most likely goes on and on about how being a “stay at home mom” is so hard and takes up all her time.

      Also, she thinks she’s a photographer!

      (Psst… you’re not).

    1. She’s a photographer. Have you never heard of advertising? When you’ve gained “internetfame” for your photography, and you’re a photographer, you’re advertising your business, and therefore contributing to your household income, something that is required to provide for said baby. But, you know, keep being cynical about someone using current marketing techniques to put food on the table if you want.

  1. “Okay, time to run over and grab a quick lunch and… what the hell is this lady doing? Why is she out of her car in the drive thru?? WHY IS SHE GRABBING A PLASTIC CAR??? IS THAT HER KID?!! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW??!!”

  2. More mom shaming on the internet. Fabulous.

    I hardly doubt she’s going to get “internet famous” for these and if so, so what? She already has a pretty successful photography business in Washington so these were likely just a great way for her to 1) advertise her business (which actually looks pretty cool according to her website) and 2) have some fun with her son.

    I thought the pictures were cute and heaven FORBID she should have a little fun with her son! For Shame! What a TERRIBLE thing! Working mom’s having fun with their kids!?What is this world coming too!?

    1. Stay at home mom’s / “Photographer” is the next evolution from trophy wife, which evolved from sorority trash, which evolved from cheerleader / basic-bitch.

      They are a dime a dozen and never interesting.

    1. All dogs are cute… your point? Like most of the other posts here you don’t like something, others do, again what’s your point?

  3. Umm, I found these adorable and very well done. And they’re great photos, so it’s not some “bored mom trying to pretend” at something. God/damn/ is that sexist. She’s a professional! She has her own successful business! What does it say about you that you jumped to the conclusion that you did?

    And clearly she only went to public places when they were closed or where she wouldn’t interrupt people to get her shots. She didn’t get out of her car at a busy drive-thru and set up that shot! Common sense!

    1. Thank you Miss/Mr Anonymous so much negativity on here. I mean some people need to calm down and/or keep negativity to themselves. I bet you people are going to be keep commenting rude stuff on here. Fingers crossed they don’t, but they probably still will.

  4. Most of the negativity probably comes from envy! These were a great little montage of fun situations. Just because you’re not going to get internet famous then who cares! It’s not as if you couldn’t have done this. Let’s leave the mom alone and let her promote her business.

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