25 Unflattering Animal Pictures

These animals would be screaming, “DELETE” if they could talk… [via S&U]

14 responses to 25 Unflattering Animal Pictures

  1. Wow ive never looked closely at a cats genitals and my cat is neutered, so it never occurred to me that cats have dick shaped dicks and balls until seeing that picture.

    Great collection I learnt a lot about myself and life in general.

      1. Poor ballsless kitty. Don’t show him the cat in the picture… I am sure he will be a very jealous kitty then, and you may very well be a ballsless human afterwards!!

  2. You know chameleons look in different directions at once because their brains have two separate parts of the brain to interpret the information rather than the ability to see in stereovision.

    So that picture where it looks funny to us is just our egos trying to impose human norms on a nonhuman animal.

    1. 0.o

      The mouth is a contributing factor. In fact, mouths seem to be the common denominator. Add a tongue, and we’ve got a silly picture.

  3. I love the bunny too! The giraffe looks to be in dire need of medical attention STAT. I’m reporting you to facebook immediately for posting the graphic kitty porn pic though! JK

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