This Company Creates Wheelchair Cosplay for Kids

Walkin’ & Rollin‘ is a non-profit organization in Kansas City that is dedicated to making specialized costumes for the wheelchair-bound. Founder Lon Davis started the company after he built a custom WALL-E costume for his son. See more pics here. [via neatorama]

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  1. “wheelchair bound” is not preferred. Person first language is better, like “kids who use wheelchairs and walkers,” the terminology they use on their site.

    This is a fantastic organization.

      1. I’m not the first poster but I am a wheelchair user and I super don’t like wheelchair bound. I’m not into first person language either but bound kinda sucks in my opinion

  2. Cute! I’m surprised there isn’t more in soft or inflatable material, too, though maybe that’s more expensive. You could do some pretty cool ones that look like an animal holding the kids with softer material 🙂

  3. “Daddy, what’s an ‘R2-D2’?”


    This is cool though.

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