There Was a ‘Star Wars’ Pug Parade and All the Dogs Dressed Up

Portland’s cutest pugs recently took to the street for ‘Star Wars: The Pug Awakens.” The parade event over 800 pugs and raised $28,000 for the Oregon Humane Society. See some of the cutest costumed participants below… [via mashable]

7 responses to There Was a ‘Star Wars’ Pug Parade and All the Dogs Dressed Up

      1. Because small dogs are completely pointless.

        They do nothing for you, require tons of work, and are really high strung and never shut up. Plus they’re aggressive and it feels like bullshit because they bite you and think they’re tough, but really the only thing saving them is the fact that it’s not socially acceptable to tie a brick to their leash and throw it in a river.

        While Star Wars, which in its self is alright, has been parodied, referenced, and spoofed every conceivable way possible and it’s just so thoroughly done. Just fucking done.

        1. Pugs are very rarely agressive in any sort of way and they seldom make any noise other than their heavy breathing and snoring. They are however very docile, require almost no work and have great personalities that allow them to – for instance – let their owners have fun with them. Even when it comes to Star Wars attires…

        2. My pupper is a sweet crazy angel. She is a small dog and she is laid back, she only barks if you ask her to or she wants your attention. She isn’t aggressive, she loves everybody!! Why are you such a troll?

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