15 Funny Things This Dad Actually Heard His Toddler Say

When his daughter was two, Matthew Carroll noticed that she was saying a lot of pretty hilarious things. Thankfully, he wrote them down, and now five years later he’s compiled them into a book called ‘Can I Sit on Your Lap While You’re Pooping.’ You can buy the book here. [via huffpo]

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    1. If you put the note in your phone or computer, it’s probably going to put the date and time in it anyway. When my daughter says something exceptionally toddler, I send it to my family in Hangouts.

  1. There’s a place like Hooter’s in my town, but with guys, called “Banana Hammocks”. They have all you can eat shrimp on Thursdays. So I can attest that the second to last one is 100% true.

    1. Not really. Children’s verbal skills are a reflection of how adults talk to them. So if you dumb down your language when talking to a child, theyre going to use simple words. If you used complex vocabulary, the child will learn their meaning and use them as if they were simple words because the child would not know anything different.

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