18 Pictures That Could Only Come From Germany

Germany is a unique land with its own unique customs. Below are just a few things that can only be found in Germany… [via guff]

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      1. Well, where the fuck are they at? I’m heading through there on my way to the Roundup in Maryland, and this is a bike I want to take!!

        My 18yo buddy will have to stay behind, but a peddle pub is a great stop for me.

    1. Peddle Pubs are the worst. Fill a camel back with wine and go for a bike ride on a sidewalk or something. stay off the damn road.

    1. There was a collector in a small village near Kiel who was keeping a WWII-era tank in his cellar (along with an AA gun and a torpedo). The tank couldn’t move under its own power anymore, but there were concerns that its armaments hadn’t been permanently rendered nonfunctional, so it was confiscated by the police.

      The actual transportation was handled by the German military, which is kind of iffy under the German constitution, but there were apparently no civilian contractors that would have been able to do the job. (It took twenty soldiers, two armored recovery vehicles — which is what the vehicle to the left is –, and nine hours to get the tank ready for transport.)

    1. some gun collecting nutjob was hiding an old tank in his basement and they had to call the army to salvage it. caused a huge outrage since its forbidden for the german army to operate inside german borders.

    2. A weirdo (aka “collector”) had a WWII tank and other military stuff in his home near Kiel. He had to move out. But a run-of-the-mill tow truck won’t move a tank. So they had to use a wrecker – the modern tank on the left. That’s about it.

  1. #13 – Rammstein ! A great stage show. A shame they got arrested for it by puritans in the States and now don’t want to play there anymore.

  2. That beverage in the photo with the McRib is most definetely something we call “Apfelschorle” which is made out of carbonized mineral water and apple juice, and really popular.

  3. The vending machine with meat, that happens in other places to. Switzerland, for instance, has these, as well as ones for cheeses (uncooked fondue, raclette, etc.).

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