24 Creative and Hilarious Bathroom Signs

These restaurants and businesses all found a clever way to label their bathroom options… [via guff]


24 responses to 24 Creative and Hilarious Bathroom Signs

  1. A wonderful restaurant in NYC I used to frequent 20 years ago had one bathroom. It was labeled “Whomsoever”.

    Still my favorite sign.

  2. I’m gonna guess 90%+ of the people encountering the “XX” and “XY” signs have no idea what’s going on.

      1. But which one does someone with a XXY genotype use?

        (And yes, it does exist. As does XXX but if you google that with safe search off it’s really not good)

        1. That’s a good point, and I hadn’t thought of it. It isn’t a problem that doesn’t exist with “men” and “women” signs, though.
          Really my point is that XX and XY are not some secret codes reserved for MENSA members.

  3. When I was young, there was a coffee shop in Buffalo, NY that had two single-person restrooms that weren’t gender specific, so people were free to go into the door marked either “stronger sex” or “weaker sex.”

  4. that “bla” one is a bit offensive to be honest. Not to be a femibitch, but there are plenty of men who are way more talkative than women. The ladies and gentlemen one and the x-men were awesome. I wish my town had cool signs like those…

    1. No need to tell anybody about being offended. Perhaps other people are offended at your resultant offensiveness from the offense.

    2. While I agree that just saying that women are more talkative than men is rude, does this joke maybe only apply in restroom situations? A guy once told me that there’s an unspoken rule (no pun intended) among guys that you don’t normally hold conversations in the restroom. Comparatively, women would appear chattier in restrooms since there’s no real stigma against it, in which case the doors would hold a certain level of accuracy. I’d need confirmation from another guy about the no-talking rule, though.

      1. OH GOD NO, NOT FOUR WHOLE SENTENCES, WHEN WILL SHE EVER STO- wait a minute, you almost tricked me! Four sentences isn’t a long post, also literally there’s a longer comment immediately before yours, in response to the same one. Dumbass.

      2. Hey did you know they did a study that showed that girls actually talk less than guys? Guys just are really bad at telling. When girls talked just 15% of the time in a conversation, guys said they felt it was equal, and when girls talked 30% of the time, the guys said the conversation was female dominated. How bout that?

  5. Is the XX and XY one slightly (more than slightly) transphobic? I mean if I were a trans person I would definitely feel a bit insulted.

      1. I like “mildly ruggled”. But yeah, once you start hearing about / thinking about trans issues, you start noticing how much of the world is (often unnecessarily) aggressively gendered.

        1. probably because they encompass less than 1% of the population and nobody actually cares , we just have to pretend to care since last year when it was suddenly forced down our throats that we should.

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