19 White People Who Are the REAL VICTIMS of Discrimination in America

Over the past several months, Twitter user @pharmasean has been posting these satirical photos of people complaining about hot-button issues. As you can see, they are the real people suffering in these situations. Follow @pharmasean on Twitter for future updates.


64 responses to 19 White People Who Are the REAL VICTIMS of Discrimination in America

  1. I am so white I could run directly at cops pointing a loaded weapon and all they would do is ask me to calm down, and I totally approve of all these.

  2. Some of these (pretty much anything anti-LGBQT) I hear more from my non white relatives than my white ones. Here’s looking at you Auntie! The war on Christmas one is so spot on though.

    1. So you are assuming whitw people are the most homophobic/transphobic? Take a stroll through the hood as an effeminate gay man or trans person. And tell me how that goes for you.

      1. You might wanna reread De’s comment. She said that she hears it “more from my NON white relatives than my white ones.”

  3. I think it’s great that you can be as racist as you want about white people and no one cares! Can you imagine these lame-ass jokes with pictures of people of color? Would it still not be racist?

      1. How many WASPs does it take to change a lightbulb?
        2. 1 to mix the martinis, 1 to call an electrician.

        My buddy is a PoC and his dad has a Chevy with a horn that goes ‘HONKY HONKY HONKY!’

        and on, and on, and on.

        Every single cultural subsection of the world has stereo typical jokes about it. For da White folks . . . WASP jokes, hillbilly or Redneck jokes, farmer’s daughters, City Folk jokes (‘Get a rope!’).

        Pick a race, pick a religion, pick a country and you’ve got jokes about it.
        However, to answer Drew’s complaint. it would be racist if it were white people making PoC jokes. However, no white joke in the world has ever kept a white person from getting a job. Send a white guy in to a job interview in a suit, and he’ll get interviewed as just a person. Send a PoC guy into a job interview in a suit and there’s a good chance someone is whispering racist jokes about him. Or he’ll be stereotyped as his (socioeconomic/cultural/country of origin) is like (disparaging thing), so we won’t hire him.

        Simply admitting that things like that happen is a big deal. Rather than get butt hurt about it somehow not including you.

    1. White people do not suffer from discrimination or racism. Our lives are not made more difficult because of how other people view our skin color. There is no such thing as reverse racism.

        1. Reverse racism isn’t real. I mean, racism towards white peoples is, but not reverse racism. It’s always just racism, and that’s not okay. Racism of any kind is not okay.

      1. Get off the high horse, racism is racism, you’re 100% right reverse-racism doesn’t exist because its straight up racism.

        Stop using the Tumblr definition of racism and pick up a dictionary.
        “The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races”

        Straight from the Oxford Dictionary, oddly enough there’s not mention of discrimination or actions taken, racism is simply seeing another race as inferior or superior just because they are a certain colour.

  4. I agree with you Drew. This is implying that white people are the only fools with these same lame “problems”. Please, racism and bigotry comes in all shapes, sizes and colors!

  5. The names are the greatest things I’ve ever heard. Also the whiny “reverse-racist” commenters deserve one too. If the greatest form of “racism” you face is being made fun of for ACTUALLY being a crappy person, consider yourself lucky.

    1. I agree! Being a dick to white people just because they’re white is racism, but pointing out actual problems that need to be addressed using humor is just great.

      1. Learn to read properly brochacho and dont only acknowledge half of my statement to fit your imaginary strife. You’re one of the whiny “reverse-racism” commenters I’m talking about. You’ve never experienced racism a day in your entire life if you’re white. And your whiny hurt feelings over some jokes prove it 100%.

          1. Or the Irish, Scottish, welsh or you know “Them funny sounding whites”

            we’ve never experienced racism in the same way that black people are still slaves in the US.

            adding in that Irish slaves were common around the same time as black slaves, the US overlords even going so far as to try and BREED the ultimate slave from the Irish and black slaves, Not even going to go into the fact that there are more white slaves around the world now than there ever were in the US (yes there are also other races of slaves out there today but thats besides the point i’m making).

            So please go on how we’ve never faced racism.

  6. I’m white and male. Am I even allowed to breathe anymore? Tell me, SJWs! If you dare to leave your safe space…

    1. Poor us. We only get every possible advantage in society, but other people are pointing it out now! We are so discriminated against.

      1. WAHHH yeah us whities get ALLLLLLL the rights and advantages:

        Default care going to the ladies
        ladies getting them there lighter prison sentances (for the same crime)
        dedicated spots in some organizations for POC (like seriously wtf would someone not hire a black guy if he can do the job better for the same money thats stupid)

        to name a few… of all of our “Privileges”…

        1. “like seriously wtf would someone not hire a black guy if he can do the job better for the same money thats stupid”

          There are studies that back this info up though. For example, a white man with a criminal record is more likely to get a job than a black man with no criminal record. A person with a “black-sounding” name is less likely to get a call for an interview than a person with a “white-sounding” name and so on. Google it.

        2. Nope. Women who kill their (usually abusive) partners almost always get a 10x harsher prison sentence. Nice try though!

        3. Nope. Women who kill their (usually) abusive partner almost always get a 10 x harsher sentence than a man who kills his female partner. Nice try though!

  7. So many delicate self-proclaimed white males complaining that it’s “SJW” who are pansies. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Irony?

    1. Never heard a white man screaming that they want “Safe Spaces” at Uni before though… or that writing Trumps name is endangering, or that just looking at someone is rape thoughhhhh…..

  8. I see the sjw’s are out in force. I love when they use the sociological definition of racism so they can excuse their own bigotry and hatred of certain people and avoid the racist label.

    Of course anyone can be racist even to white people, and not for the inane examples above. Look at when the knockout game was rampant, it was primarily poc’s targeting primarily white people. Or how about the guy who went to the wrong McDonald’s in DC, and got beat up and mugged because he was white? In fact, can we talk about how whites are statically 5 times more likely to experience violent crimes from blacks than blacks from whites? Of course not; these things aren’t racism in the sjw narrative.

      1. Superb reply, really brought the discussion round made me change my mind.
        I’m now undergoing gender and race reassignment surgery due to your argument totally changing the way i see the world /s

  9. The funny thing is that I’ve heard almost every one of these before, and all but 2 were from people of color.

  10. If you believe white people actually think and behave like this and that it’s OK to judge people based solely on the color of their skin, it’s time to admit that you’ve lost touch with reality and have no real desire to achieve equality.

  11. There is no such thing as reverse racism because it’s racism whether it’s against whites, blacks or whomever. The “power + prejudice” definition of racism was never correct and is being perpetuated by Marxist-lite SJWs to have an excuse to be dicks to white people and claiming that calling it out is “distracting” from the real issue. Nonwhites are gaining obvious advantages in society, manifested in affirmative action, quotas, and similar policies, yet you still claim whites have all the advantages, because of your unfalsifiable dogmatic narrative that we’re subconsciously “taught” to hate nonwhites. Give me a break.

    I’m black btw, not that you’ll believe me. You SJWs are dogmatic ideologues, so you never accept facts that go against your precious narrative. I can’t count how many times someone claimed I wasn’t black just because of my ideas. Newsflash blacks are human and we don’t all think the same way.


    1. I’d say that once any faction gets enough sway, it’s basically ‘piss on those beneath us! (Oh, obviously we won’t admit to that!)’ Even back during the American Revolution, all that ‘really’ mattered were the conveniences of the upper middle classes, and above, despite all the egalitarian rhetoric that gets spewed. This, within a particular group (whites), themselves. It’s said that all that can be counted upon are death and taxes: I believe you can add to that sycophancy, as well. A universal morality? More like a universal relativistic collusionism.

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