The 17 Most Absurd Things People Have Yelled Out During Sex

The users of the Whisper App recently shared their awkward NSFW moments…

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  1. Saying “I love you” during sex usually means “I love what you are doing.”

    “I don’t remember your name!” is hilarious.

      1. Yes, I would, as a matter of fact. The pics are as superfluous as GIFs running over and over and over again on some top 20 list.

    1. Oh, lighten up, chump. There’s no MSRP or MPAA on the Internet. Also, if oblique references to sex offend you, I’m surprised you’ve survived the Internet this long.

  2. i laughed, once. During, I mean. He was a bit, uh, offended, but then I said that I always laugh when I’m having a good time. I know….”nice save.”

  3. I’m pretty sure I know the guy that yelled “Shazam!” Either that or there’s more than one of those idiots…

  4. Once, my bf ass-slapped me and told me “say my name”. I laughed so hard for so long we couldn’t even keep going.

    Not during sex, but still: another time we were being romantic and stuff and he told me that I had thrown him some “tear gas of love” (there were a lot of protest during that time, so tear gas was an everyday thing)

    and to tease myself, the first time i told him I loved him was during sex. I tried to take it back and say it again at a more romantic vibe, didn’t work.

  5. My best friend told me that when she was having sex with a guy, when he came, he hee hawed like a donkey. She slept with him a few times more and he still did his donkey sound. I see on t.v. ads and giggle each time I see his ad. Hee haw!

  6. Ah yes…The Whisper App. 13 year olds pretending to be grownups and posting about thigns they know nothing about.

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