20 People Who Improvised With Their Own Selfie Stick Alternative

All of these people were too cheap to actually spend money on a selfie stick… [via smosh]



22 responses to 20 People Who Improvised With Their Own Selfie Stick Alternative

    1. Grow up, and stop hating on stuff for the sake of hating on stuff. People owing or using selfie sticks doesn’t effect you AT ALL. It’s just something somebody decided was stupid and now people feel the need hate on it, if you don’t like them, don’t buy one but for the love of all things good, shut up about it. Especially if all you have to say is this hateful childish nonsense.

      1. Selfie sticks are like vaping and hover boards, only douchebags idiots own or use them. Fact is, the world would be a much better place without these tools.

        1. I like to use mine to take pictures above otherwise dangerous places. If it’s just too far for me to safely get closer, I just use the stick. They may be called selfie sticks, but there’s many creative uses for them. As for your snobby attitude, that’s something the world could use less of.

        2. Selfie sticks have been recorded as contributing to quite a few deaths so far… but thats vanity.

          People who randomly tell a vague group of people should kill themselves…..fuck.. *kills self*

  1. Is a selfie stick really something you either have or don’t have? Just like there’re people who have a smartphone and those who don’t?

  2. Or just get a life that doesn’t involve taking corny photos of your own face all by yourself. Just the level of self absorption. Or ask a person who’s standing there.

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