18 Photos That Prove the 90s Was a Bad Decade for Fashion

Prepare yourself for a reminder in the terrible choices of the 1990s… [via afp]

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  1. Was that girl with the purple dress recently made into a zombie? Like forget the fashion choices, what the hell is dripping from her mouth?

      1. He doesn’t, actually. It’s testing equipment he had to wear after being diagnosed with epilepsy. His dad took the picture. He submitted it online himself.

  2. I have SO many questions. Who is the terrifying child-bride? Was Stairway to Heaven 1990 a male dancer convention? Why is the guy in the background of the bowl-twin family chugging that beer? What is Ska Family’s story? Where can I get that tiger sweater in the second photo?

  3. These are more like late 80’s or super early 90’s. For the most part, the 90’s fashion wasn’t all that bad compared to the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or recently the 00’s. What was bad? Mullets and Cross Colors outfits? The return of bell bottoms? The Spice Girls? LOL.

    Also, most of these pictures would be pretty hideous fashion-wise in ANY decade.

    1. I was going to say the same thing! And mullets were around long before the 90’s, and are hideous in any decade. And people are still wearing them! Ugh! And the shoulder pads on that one mom’s super cool jacket, yeah total 80’s.

    2. Yeah, I had that bathing suit the girl on the left is wearing (blonde mullet girls, bathing suits with tracksuit bottoms), but it was a hand me down from the 80s and I hated wearing it in like … 1990. I know I didn’t wear it past like 92 bc it wouldn’t have fit me after that, based on my age.

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