Welcome to the Horrifying World of Nope

If you are easily scared by snakes and spiders and other creepy things, then it’s best to turn back now… [via ebw]

16 responses to Welcome to the Horrifying World of Nope

      1. I said Taiwan. I’m not senile. How dare you say that. I’m only 175. Stop trying to send me to the near death star. Wait, wuh?

  1. The one with the women in the background simply is a garden spider. I get thats its Nope, but if that qualifies, then you could just put the entire result of the keyword “spider” from google-pictures in here (and yes the Taiwan one is fake af, click my name to see goliath tarantula on national geographic, largest spider).
    That being said: very good (…or should I say bad?) Nope collection overall

      1. …Which is made a great deal less upsetting by the fact that she is almost certainly on the other side of a pane of glass. The only other possibility is that that spider built its web in mid air in the center of a sidewalk and it remained undamaged long enough for someone to pose for that picture.

  2. Personally…I’ve found way too many bugs in jars….The worst is eating most of the jar before you find it…

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