24 Kids Who Have Hilarious Life Goals

All of these kids are looking to the future, and their futures look super bright… [via bp]

24 responses to 24 Kids Who Have Hilarious Life Goals

  1. I want to comment on like eight of these, but I’ll content myself with pointing out that number three has it all backwards.

    First you get the money, then you rule the world. THEN you get the women.

  2. No love for David the pyromaniac in the first picture? I think he’s planning on STARTING all the fires he goes to put out.

        1. I’m sorry for your crushed dreams me. I wanted to be president. I’m still not old enough so i presume i still have a chance.

  3. Does “Black Spiderman” mean Venom (the “symbiote” costume), or does it mean the character Miles Morales?

  4. And then the previous generation stops us from doing what we want, then we develop depression and extensional crisis. Thanks!

  5. When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut, a princess, and a firefighter, all at the same time. Then I realized you had to do math to be an astronaut.

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