17 LED Road Signs That Were Hacked to Say Something Funny

Some pranksters got into these signs’ programming and created their own public announcements… [via smosh]

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    1. Actually, most companies don’t lock the cover to the control panel or change the default password. There was a news article or something a few years back explaining this and it gave out the password and explained how to do it so i think it is quite common now.

    2. As Anonymous suggested: the difficulty level of typing your own thing into a road sign is pretty much the same difficulty level as Photoshopping it. In itself, actually changing the sign is probably easier, but the downside is that it requires actually going Outside, which involves things like wearing clothes and possible exposure to the Daystar That Burns.

      So, all in all, it’s pretty much even.

    1. Well if he’s not yours, would you be interested in a trade? We’ll throw in Ted Cruz for free.

      1. Please just take both of them. On behalf of all space orcs, someone take them somewhere besides this planet.

  1. My dad is a civil engineer and oversees all of the projects (in Illinois) that have these signs. Whenever one is in use he has to get up an hour earlier to go check the signs and make sure they haven’t been hacked.

  2. I really wish people would reference more Portal quotes than just “The cake is a lie.” For instance “Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out” is good, and so is basically any line of Wheatley’s.

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