Real-Life Fat Cat Recreates Adorable Pusheen Stickers

Julien Therrien is a writer for Les Populaires and cat owner. Inspired by the Internet’s favorite cartoon cat – Pusheen – he decided to recreate some of her classic poses. [via lsq]

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    1. Though you may have also noticed that cats don’t exactly follow the same standards of facial expressions humans do. Watch videos of Grumpy Cat and it’s one of the most friendly and happy cats ever.

    2. The cat looks a little bored and confused, but the angle of the ears says he’s pretty relaxed and comfortable with the camera person. Probably getting a bit fed-up in that last pic.

      Looks like one I had growing up, who always looked like a big chunky tomcat but would just lay there and let my pet rats groom him, and he liked to be tucked into bed with my sister every night.

  1. One thing that always concerned me was Pusheen’s size. On the one hand, they can fit in a pizza box. On the other, they can ride scooters and helicopters. I am forced to conclude that Pusheen is whatever size they need to be for their purpose.

    Also, someone I know once made a game that was basically “click on Pusheen and watch them vomit rainbows.” IDK.

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