Honest Slogans for Chain Restaurants (15 Pics)

All chain restaurants have their own catchy slogans, but here’s what they might be if they were actually being truthful… via BF]

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    1. I disagree. I find their wings to be decent. Not the best wings I’ve ever had by any means, but not bad. And probably better than anything else on the menu.

      1. Yeah, everyone knows the best wings are the ones speckled with feathers that they couldn’t bother picking off.

      1. OMG thank you. I do not get it. The fires are terrible, the buns aren’t toasted and the patties are thin and people are ape-shit for it. It’s the worst fast food I’ve ever encountered.

      2. Tried it when it first came to town. Both wife and I thought it was very bad. I couldn’t believe it was that bad so I waited a couple of months for them to get the wrinkles out. It was worse than I remembered.

  1. First of all, not all subways are created equal. The ones on the east coast are much better then the ones on the west coast. And the one for California pizza kitchen is the dumbest thing I’ve seen all day

      1. Ok, finally I didn’t hit the friggin’ enter button in the middle of trying to correct a mistake in my Korean.

        At least the caboose on my failure train was a success, I guess. Maybe this is a sign to go to sleep earlier than 6am.

  2. I live near a Subway that’s particularly stinky, and outside it, every day, is this group of very… intense… Christian types waving their pamphlets at people and being all evangelical.

    And I’m like, how can you stand in that noxious odour every day for like, eight hours, and still believe there is a loving God?

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