Dad’s Heroic Note Details Why He’s Never ‘Babysits’ His Kids

There are a few uneducated dads out there who insist on calling it “babysitting the kids” even though it’s THEIR OWN kids they are watching. Seth King (a.k.a. Late Notes on Instagram) has a few better synonyms in mind…

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  1. Yes, this is parenting Or rather parenting when your dad actually loves you. Notice the lack of video games.

    1. One of my favourite memories growing up is when my dad would play Mario Kart 64 with me. Assuming that video games can’t be part of parents bonding with their children is fucking ignorant.

    2. My mom played Star Tropics, Dragon Warrior, and Milon’s Secret Castle with us when we were growing up. Some of my best memories were figuring out the puzzles in the middle of the night when we were sick.

  2. YES. It is infuriating to hear people talk about dad-kid time as “babysitting”.

    Also, ain’t nothing wrong with playing video games with your kids.

  3. I’m sorry, but men have no business taking care of kids.

    Not all men are child molesters, but all child molesters are men and all men would rape if they could.

    It’s a proven fact!

    And what does that tell you that this supposed “great parent” is already teaching his kids to not tell their mother what they father does with them?

    That’s the sort of thing a sexual predator does.

    1. I feel very sorry for you. a majority of dads are NOT child abusers or molesters. When it says “don’t tell mom” it is referring to things like dad letting the kids jump on the bed, or slide down the stairs in a laundry basket, or eating dessert before supper, you know stuff that mom would normally frown upon. The fact that you automatically assume all men are molesters is very telling, you should probably get some professional help for your trust issues.

  4. The strange part is, my husband says it’s more often the women who call it “babysitting” when the dad’s on duty, more so than the men.

  5. In the Netherlands people actually refer to it as a ‘daddy day’ when fathers take a (weekly) day off from work to look after their kids. First of all – why aren’t the other days called ‘mommy days’ and secondly – you’re a daddy ALL the time. You have work days. Not the other way around.

  6. Gosh, I just love how the comment section manages to suck all the humour out of every post. It’s simply glorious.

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