Guy Moves in With Girlfriend, Tweets All of His Little Mind-Blowing Moments

Twitter user Arthur Dayne recently moved in with his girlfriend. In hilarious fashion, he details all the littleĀ confusing and awesome things that have definitely changed his life for the better… [via 22words]

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  1. This post sponsored by The Concept of Traditional Gender Roles. Are you a caveman who’s really good at fixing cars, and your approach to doing laundry or washing dishes is “punch it until it looks better”? Are you a delicate flower of femininity who farts potpourri and pisses rose water, but can shatter glass with her shrieking when she sees an ant? If so, The Concept of Traditional Gender Roles might be right for you.

    Holy hell, Arthur, how do you go through even one year as an adult human without severe cognitive impairments and not realize that it’s possible to organize clothing into groups, buy more than one of something at a time, or put groceries in a refrigerator?

    And seriously, changing the sheets daily? Apart from the outlandishly unnecessary amount of time and effort, imagine the utility bills!

    Also, note to Pleated Jeans: you forgot to clumsily censor one of the instances of “nigga” in Arthur’s messages. I don’t know what kind of sensitive religious order comprises such a significant portion of your readership, but you might want to get on that before their delicate sensibilities are offended.

    1. Eh, I read it like life feels easier when you have a partner who has got your back. My partner and I don’t split teamwork along traditional gender lines, but we each pick up the other’s slack. Life feels easier when you share responsibility for things.

    2. Let me guess, gender roles are wrong but everyone better damn well respect someone who identifies as the opposite sex, right?

    3. I read so much of this wondering how she supported herself before they moved in together, since she clearly does not have a job.

      And would you not know these things about each other before moving in together?

    4. Jesus Christ, the world’s gone PC crazy.
      If they’re happy fitting into normal gender roles THEN THEY CAN AND SHOULD.
      It’s not an obligation to defy them, it’s a choice for the individual.

      It’s like saying little girls can’t like pink because that’s the stereotype. Girls can like blue, but it’s fine if they want the pink!

      Long story short – suck it up, buttercup. Some people like to live that way. Get over it.

    5. Oh, and it’s simply hilarious that you’re calling people offended by the word “nigga” of ‘delicate sensibilities’, yet yore literally offended enough to write a huge comment just because they happen to conform to your idea of gender roles *shock horror*

      1. Oh, big man!! Using the word cunt so much I’m assuming you first heard the word this weekend.

        Little hint, it loses any impact it has if you use it so much. So do better next time, you cuntiest cunt from Cuntland, Cuntslvania!!

  2. I suspect that these tweets were secretly written by a girl. They strike me as overly complimentary on things that should be obvious to anyone who has ever lived alone.

    Like, really, you never folded your clothes or used drawers? Didn’t know about online bill-pay, or ever think to use a coupon? Either she’s writing these, or he was a train wreck before she came along.

    1. Eeeehhhhhhhh you’d be surprised how many young dudes go out into the world just COMPLETELY unprepared. Unable to cook, do laundry, pay bills, maintain basic hygiene. (Source: exes, many and varied.)
      Women are statistically *slightly* more likely to have been taught this stuff, but more importantly, women are more likely to actively look for directions on how to do stuff they don’t know how to do and think they could probably handle. (Obligatory “not to broadly generalize, but I’m-a generalize about broads” disclaimer.)

      1. I tried to teach my husband these things. He just got resentful. Kitchen floor is crunchy? Wear shoes. That’s his attitude. He thinks it’s pretentious to like things tidy and clean. I’m nice and don’t nag. So I do as much as I can and try to not resent his mess. I wish he’d respond like this guy!

  3. Some of you commenting could fuck up a wet dream. Stfu and enjoy the humor. If you didn’t understand then, it wasn’t for you. Creating a comment section was the best worst idea the Internet created. And yes I get the hypocrisy.

  4. The recurring “Nigga” is redacted, sort of, but not the equally recurring “shit” and “fuck”. Interesting.

    And if our boy Dayne needed 3 hours to figure out how to operate an iron, imagine the challenge he’d face with a grammar textbook. Nigga’s head would explode yo.

  5. Learning all this stuff is easy on your own if you are just paying attention.

    On the other had I always hate it when women begin to “train” you on practically the first night. Don’t move in with a woman until you are ready for all this. It could be overwhelming. I sounds like this guy is having trouble keeping up.

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