21 Food Fails That Prove Some People Should Just Stay Out of The Kitchen

These people are clearly not chefs…

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    1. Black pudding with a (greenish-yellow) cheese topping and a boiled egg.
      (Black pudding is usually sliced up, not served in a continuous turd like that.)

      1. oh dear lord D:
        (though thank you for identifying that, I couldn’t figure out what it could possibly be either)

  1. D. – Crap, I started a fire. Quick, grab my phone. Click. Wait, I didn’t like that angle. Click. And post to Instagram, then Facebook. Now I’ll call 911.

    F. – Don’t bother Diane, the kitchen already burned down.

  2. What’s wrong with the sausage-pizza-cake-whatever? Looks legit.

    But WTH? Is that come-to-life-booger (or something) trying to eat an egg?

  3. The spaghetti taco is from iCarly. I know my kids used to watch that show and beg me to make spaghetti tacos. Eventually I caved and made them. They were disgusting and they never asked for them again.

    1. I’ve always wanted to make them. I know what I’m cooking Saturday… I wonder if they make garlic taco shells? That’d be amazing…

    2. My best friend and I have actually made spaghetti tacos a few times, and they were SO good! Messy, and a little strange, but very tasty! Guess it depends on how you make them.

  4. That last cake is because people don’t realize that frosting and fondant are not the same thing. They see something made with fondant and assume the same thing can be made with frosting – it cannot

  5. Who’s the genius who put cookies or whatever that is right on the tray shelf thing in the oven rather than on a cookie sheet or pan?

    This is why Home Ec classes need to be mandatory.

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