18 Animals That Are Completely Over This Whole Parenting Thing

The difficulty of parenting has just sunk in for all of these animals, and that fact is written all over their faces… [via bp]

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  1. Oh my goodness everyone in the comments sections needs to chill. A lot of the babies look purebred and based off the quality of most of the pictures, I’m guessing they come from breeders.

    So maybe just enjoy the cute stuff and stop being the biggest buzzkills ever.

  2. I’m an animal rights activist and I agree that the animals should be spayed, purebred or not. There’s no such thing as a “responsible breeder” when animals are still being killed in shelters. That said, I also laughed. Some of the expressions are priceless.

    1. Thank you! I thought the pictures were really cute. It’s not the animal’s fault their owners are irresponsible assholes who didn’t get them spayed or neutered. I also agree that there’s no such thing as a responsible breeder. I work at a Spay/neuter clinic and I wholly support our cause. Before that, I worked in a shelter so I’ve seen first hand what happens with overpopulation of dogs and cats.

  3. Didn’t think anybody could get offended at pictures of puppies and kittens?

    Hahaha, welcome to the internet, tool.

  4. Yes, we should enjoy the adorableness. Yes, we should always remember that MILLIONS of animals are euthanized every year. I encourage everyone who loves this post to take a trip to your local shelter and adopt an animal ASAP. My shelter dog, I discovered a few days after adopting him, was on what our county shelter calls THE LAST CALL list. If you must have a purebred, every breed also has its own rescue – easy to Google. Every 1 purchase from a breeder = 1 death in the shelter. Simple math.

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