Extremely Low Budget Meals Made to Look Gourmet (11 Pics)

When it comes to food, presentation is important. These pics show you how to dress up your corn dog or chicken nuggets to make them look high brow… [via S&U]

9 responses to Extremely Low Budget Meals Made to Look Gourmet (11 Pics)

  1. This requires so much more skill than the budget suggests. If I ever tried to recreate any of these photos I’d probably end up in the “Nailed It” series. Especially the Asiago bagel which is 90% decoration.

  2. They look far less appetising to me than they would be in their normal state. Although that may be because I am averse to fancy bullshit.

  3. Fun fact: despite popular belief, the word gourmet does not just mean fancy. it actually means that the food has been prepared on site with fresh ingredients.

  4. Games we play in restaurants.
    Good times.
    Did similar things with bags of $1 value items
    from Wendy’s; you just need a bit of brie and
    baby greens and a cook with 20 years of practice.

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