These Fake Covers for ‘Anxiety’ Magazine Are All Too Real

Twitter user @crayonelyse has put together this series of Anxiety magazine covers. I’m sure many of us are laughing on the outside, and crying on the inside… [via designtaxi]

10 responses to These Fake Covers for ‘Anxiety’ Magazine Are All Too Real

  1. Followed soon by: Microaggressions Monthly A special snowflakes magazine.
    “Why everything everyone says to you is a microaggression….. especially if they are a white,heteronormative, cis-gendered male.

  2. These are way too accurate; one random thought following another, and none of these thoughts are relevant to the actual topic at hand.
    Interestingly, my anxiety reacted to every statement on each of these mag covers.
    I’ve come to accept that my best friends are not my pet or a person I may have a relationship with.
    My best friend is my diazepam.
    Yeah, well, it is what it is I guess.

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