Moms Can Have Fun Too (19 Pics)

Being a mother isn’t always about being strict. These mothers prove that parents can have fun too… [h/t 22words]

15 responses to Moms Can Have Fun Too (19 Pics)

  1. I sincerely hope that the kid with the mesh pen holder lined it with plastic or another water-tight substance and sent his mother pictures of himself drinking from it.

    I also hope that the other kid got over his sock puppet addiction. And his chronic dry skin, apparently. I’m not sure how those two things are related, though. Unless he’s using wool socks. I can see how a puppet show with an abrasive material would leave you in need of a good moisturizer.

    1. I just have to clear this one up. The socks were not being used for puppets, they were being used by her son for something else entirely. Something that could also be achieved with lotion and cleaned up with tissues. . .

      1. put portable device in a plastic bag

        or use your imagination once in a while, variety is good for your health

  2. The sock mom probably got suspicions when the socks started tapping on the washing machine door during a cycle. She could have tried a steak tenderizer, but obviously went for the pragmatic approach instead.

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