The Internet Can’t Stop Poking Fun at This Man’s Flower Crown

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was recently gifted this traditional flower crown by a group of local fishermen. The Snapchat connection is obvious, and Twitter users quickly took off with their humorous takes… [via mashable]

15 responses to The Internet Can’t Stop Poking Fun at This Man’s Flower Crown

  1. This was lame. What was he supposed to do, be an asshole and not accept the gift? I give him props. The people mocking him are pathetic.

    1. Agreed (about your first comment, not your poop comment). There are so many cultures that have decorative things like this, that men and women wear (Hawaiians, Ukrainians, Indians, and more). The modern view of “manliness” just ruins things and mocks a lovely aspect of humanity that we should be embracing.

    2. I agree. Mostly because none of the joke were funny. If there was a clever joke in the lot, I would be ok with mocking this dude.

  2. I think the joke is less about “A MAN HAS A FLOWER HAT HAHAHA” and more about “that snapchat thing is in real life, guys.”

  3. Imagine people who are so stupid that they don’t even know other cultures might wear real flowers and are just like “hurrrrr hurrrr hurr dats snapchatz! flowersss omg lols”

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