These Fake Animal Facts Were Posted at the Los Angeles Zoo

I wrote some fake animal facts and posted them around the Los Angeles Zoo. It feels good to help people learn… [via obvious plant]

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19 responses to These Fake Animal Facts Were Posted at the Los Angeles Zoo

  1. How do we know that the meerkats didn’t post this with their mind to confuse and distract us from the fact that they can control electronics with their minds?

  2. Love these! Wish we could use them at our zoo. I just wish we could use this one:

    Please don’t climb or sit on the fences. You might fall in and the animals might eat you and that might make them sick. Thank you.

  3. If you ever visit the Belize Zoo, you’ll find very similar signs, only they’re ,painted on wooden plaques, are phrased in Caribbean creole, and were put there by the zoo itself. Best zoo in the world.

  4. In defense of Phillip the cheating flamingo…remember, he is not the only cheater, as he has to have someone to cheat WITH. So it’ not all on him!

    1. But the other flamingo might be new in town and didn’t know Philip was in a relationship. Don’t go hating on the mistress until you know where s/he stood on it all.

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