18 Painful Reminders That You Should Always Wear Sunscreen

Let these pictures serve as a warning: always achieve FULL-COVERAGE when putting on sunscreen… [via mashable]

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  1. When I saw the guy with the backwards ball cap tanline I just thought, “If only they made a hat with some sort of projection that would keep the sun out of his face.”

  2. Oh dear that looks painful… I can’t understand why people avoid sun lotions like it’s the plague?! Skin cancer is a potential threat for all of us, not only for people who expose their bodies at the beach. I can only recommend a nice aloe gel or maybe a Greek yogurt for those burns. Seriously disturbing, but thanks for pointing this out.

    1. When I put on suncream I get horrible itching and angry red patches. It’s just easier to stick to the shade. I am contemplating a parasol.

      Yes, this includes “sensitive skin” suncream.

      1. Well Maxie, I think the problem is your use of sunscream. I find a good sunscreen very preferable. Sunscream is just too full of fear to be good for your skin (especially the sensitive kind).

      2. We have good results with Badger brand (both my sweetheart and I are very sensitive to sun screens). We are itchy with all of the sensitive skin options, but fine with this. Perhaps it is worth trying on a very small area.

    2. I’ve never tanned and never burned. But then again I’m an IT geek and programmer so I spend all my time indoors and look so pale I can use Tipp-ex as blusher.

  3. Some of these are also reminders that if you are going to be out in the sun, go naked, so you get an even tan.

  4. Being pale skinned, blond, blue eyes, with freckles, and being on a sun sensitive medication, I’m a virtual hermit.

    Went to an airshow in my youth, sitting on a newly sealed taxiway in full sun all day with shorty shorts on, even with liberal application of sunscreen all day, my legs got severe 2nd degree burns with large blisters that required Silvadine ointment for over a week and I couldn’t walk from pain and swelling. Vowed never again will I be in sunshine for more than a few minutes at a time.

    1. Yup, natural redhead here. I can’t spend more than 20 minutes in the sun without getting burned. I got sunburned on my face and it swelled up like I’d had an allergic reaction (maybe I did, come to think of it, I am vampirically pale). Now, I stay out of the sun like my life depends on it. Hats, long-sleeves, and long pants for me at all times outside.

      1. Ginger here as well. I didn’t start tanning aside from my feet, wearing sandals, up until two years ago. This year I have YET to use Sunscreen and have only burned in one small spot–I didn’t realize my shirt wasn’t pulled down and was doing yard work, burned a two inch by eight inch area above my waist on my back…

        As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tanned much more easily. I recommend you both limit exposure and slowly increase outside time. It helps me feel better too–I hate the feel of sunscreen (it makes me feel gross, even the instant dry…) and I tan just perfectly on my own, with no aids needed!!

          1. Not to mention another four: “Genetic predisposition towards melanoma”. Why would you want to tan more? Pale is pretty too!

      1. Same here, plus I burn in places you don’t think you can get sunscreen, like the part in my hair, the tips of my ears (even though my hair covers them), my left arm and hand while driving….

    2. Irish heritage, sun-sensitive medication and I get migraines from direct sunlight. I dress from head to foot on sunny days.
      (FYI, long flowing black dresses in pure cotton lycra are the absolute BEST. Had a group of young ladies in hijabs etc. ask where I get them from. Gothic clothing companies 🙂 )

  5. What’s so fascinating is that you can *see* where people put their suncream on. If only they’d bothered to rub it in rather than just using it like a condiment on a hotdog.

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