The 22 Worst Heavy Metal Album Covers of All Time

Believe it or not, all of the following heavy metal album covers are 100% real. The music genre certainly has an unusual aesthetic… [via metalsucks/neatorama]

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  1. Cinderella’s Night Songs is the least worst of the bunch, followed by the Kix cover.

    A lot of people don’t realize that Pantera existed before Cowboys From Hell, so Metal Magic (and the three that followed) are a bit of a detour as far as the music and the covers are concerned.

    Sadly, a lot of Christian metal album covers are nowhere near the musicianship of the bands; though I never liked Stryper, I cannot deny that they are/were a good band and Michael Sweet is a vastly underrated singer. I did have to look up Stryken, but wikipedia confirmed my first thoughts about the band.

    Until I saw the name, I thought the Kane Roberts cover was something Nitro might have done.

    And what can be said about Manowar’s covers that hasn’t already been said?

  2. “Heene Boyz “? Is that the same kid(s) whose dad trolled America into thinking his son climbed into that balloon that was floating over California? Seriously? WTF?

  3. stryper, kix, cinderella, poison, and twisted sister were in style and somewhat mainstream. they were on mtv.

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