20 People Having a Really Bad Day

These people all need a hug…

24 responses to 20 People Having a Really Bad Day

  1. What kind of fucking moron doesn’t notice that she’s dropped a phone in her cake? How does that even happen? I assume she didn’t drop it while she was mixing the cake, because she would feel it. So she was just, what, pouring the cake batter into the cake tin with her phone in her hand, dropped the phone, didn’t notice she was no longer holder her phone and that the phone was now sitting on top of the cake batter because cake batter is thick enough that a phone probably won’t instantly fall down to the bottom but rather float on top, especially because the surface area of a phone is large enough that it would float?

    I mean, it’s got baked cake bits on it, so obviously this happened, but I think someone this fucking stupid shouldn’t be allowed near ovens.

  2. MRI, MAGNETIC resonance imaging. They say don’t turn it on near metal objects but yet people still don’t heed that warning.

    1. I believe they are always “on” as it take hours if not days to start one up. I know it takes a couple days to power them down. They wheeled someone in in a bed with a metal frame and that huge magnet just sucked it in. I’m sure whoever was in the bed was injured!

    2. Worse yet, people go in there with metal inside them and the machine rips it right out.

      I know this has happened with orthopedic screws for sure.

      How’d you like to be the guy that just sent a patient in for an MRI and realize that it says they have a metal plate in their head?

      1. Um, when I went in for an MRI they asked me several times if I had any metal in my body…

        I was also able to put my glasses and watch on the windowsill about 15 feet from the MRI machine. It’s not quite a magnetic black hole room people

  3. Not picking up after your dog is pretty douchey, but threatening to kill someone’s pet is just horrible, even if the person doesn’t actually mean it. wtf is wrong with people?

    1. do you really think they’re going to kill the dog? they’d end up with a lawsuit. talk shit and people won’t do it “just in case”.

  4. Some of these aren’t even that bad. The shelving built around the pole and/or pole mounted inside the shelving is easy to fix. Just take the bottom shelf off the uprights. Accidentally pouring your drink over the bottom of the glass? Just takes a minute to cleanup. Doing the splits? You’ll probably be fine in a few minutes. If those are the worst things that happen to you today, it was a good day.

  5. Anybody know what was going on with the pic of the sewer grate? I looked it over a couple times but I didn’t see anything bad.

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