Donald Trump Added to ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ Cartoons (13 Pics)

Imgur user DrForester has cooked up these hilarious ‘Donald and Hobbes’ cartoons. They work surprisingly well… [via someecards]

19 responses to Donald Trump Added to ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ Cartoons (13 Pics)

    1. Refusing mountains of cash to make a Calvin and Hobbes movie because he does not want his his art to become commercial.

  1. Good Lord these are so spot on it’s like they really were written about Trump. Watterson was/is an unworshipped genius God!

    Bill Watterson for President!!!!

    1. Hillary is the Marmaduke of politics. Everyone I know is sick of her, but she somehow keeps appearing in the paper day after day, year after year.

      1. Well, she doesn’t say or do completely outrageous things. I see stories about her emails in the paper every damn day, but I don’t see any way to make fun of that. It just is what it is. Trump, OTOH, says all kinds of crazy things about himself & others. In comedy, you have to go where the action is.

  2. It has suddenly occurred to me that there are many instances where Calvin is pretty much Trump. Excuse me while I go tape his face into all my comic collections.

  3. So, trump has the intellect of a six-year old. Not exactly the kind of person who should be leading our country

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