Meet Popeye: The Foodie Pup That Eats Way Better Than You

Popeye the Foodie Dog is a rescue mutt that lives in the Los Angeles area. As you can see, his owner loves to take him along whenever they eat out. Follow Popeye on Instagram for more.

24 responses to Meet Popeye: The Foodie Pup That Eats Way Better Than You

  1. Those chicken and waffles are going to taste like a big sage leaf. TOO MUCH SAGE! Why would you ruin perfectly amazing chicken and waffles like that?

  2. just my opinion but if you buy burberry shirts for your pets you should be legally required to be a foster parent for a human child.

    1. Second!!
      Considering the issues those kids face… I can’t afford those shirts or foster kids though, that’s why our beagle is naked all the time.

    2. Legally required? No thanks. People with 4,5, 9+ kids should be legally required to get their tubes tied. I’ll give my money to that.

      1. Shitting on people with 4, 5, 9+ kids just to make a point honestly just makes you come across as an asshole.

      1. It’s mashed potatoes.

        And I would eat all of this. It doesn’t look healthy, but it does look delicious. You have to live a little. Don’t try to tell me that the foods you eat pack all the flavor that is happening here. MMmmmm.

        1. I also would eat all of it, but most of this shit wouldn’t come close to my dog as most of it is poisonous for dogs and mine wouldn’t sit there cutely posing like that but the second she sees or smells the food it’s already half gone. It would be a race of who is quicker, she finishing it, or me making a picture, and my guess is she would win every time…

  3. I wish I was an over privillaged spoiled millennial who eats out at gastro pubs on a daily basis just so I can take pictures of my stupid fucking dog and share it on the internet.

  4. so now that purchasing dogs is illegal in Los Angeles do we have permission to punch anyone in the face if they have to unnecessarily mention their dog is a rescue?

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