24 Pictures That Prove Witchcraft is 100% Real

If dark magic doesn’t exist, then HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THESE IMAGES? [h/t smosh]

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    1. Second-to-last one looks like ice was involved. I guess that’s under physics, maybe.

      There’s also ice in the last one.

    2. The flaming tap water is nothing to do with fracking. Methane in wells in very, very common. Swamp gas exists anywhere there is water and rotting vegetation. In 1669 Seneca indians showed europeans burning springs in what is now New York state. Ditto in Australia, eg, this quote from Neville Shute’s A Town Like Alice: As the light faded Pete and Al went out and lit the bore for Jean. They struck half a dozen matches and got it to light; a flame shot upwards from it and lit up the whole town, playing and flickering amongst the water and the steam till finally it was extinguished by a vomit of water. They lit it again, and Jean admired it duly; it was clear that this was the one entertainment that the town provided, and they were doing their best to give her a good time. “It’s wonderful,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like that in England.”

      They were duly modest. “Most towns around here have a bore like that, that you can light,” they said.

  1. Blowing out a candle around a wine bottle is actually quite easy. The frightening flame is obviously the one being sustained by whatever is coming out of that kitchen faucet. Geezus!

  2. Sad story about #2.

    The guy in the video, Robert “Bubba” Wilkes, died later that day and from drowning no less. This was in Florida in the mid 90’s and it was a real tragedy. Bubba was one of the guys that everyone knew and loved in high school that was constantly showing off and one upping himself with more and more elaborate stunts.

    If ever there was a party and Bubba showed up you knew you were in for some crazy stupid shit.

    Jumping off of buildings into some bushes. Running up to a bull and flicking its nuts. Getting towed in a trash can by a car in flood water. Always something.

    Well, I guess Bubba got onto this stunt with the motor cycle after watching a guy run on water in a movie and was certain he could do in on his bike.

    It took him about two weeks planning and building the ramp. Then he had to tear a hole in the fence so he could pick up enough speed (which the neighbors loved). And he threw together the party just to draw a crowed.

    After a few practice runs going by the pool, and I think some chickening outs as well, someone yelled out that there was a cop coming. That must have clinched it cause Bubba opened her up all the way and tore right through the pool and right over the water to everyone’s amazement.

    Sadly though he drowned. While his friends were helping Bubba take the ramp out of the pool, Bubba was drowning in pussy.

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