Funny Pic Dump (7.18.16)

jake likes onions
viaviaviaits the tie

viaviaviaviasarah andersen

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    1. There’s an entire line of these for putting presents in and messing with the recipient, and the internet LOVES posting them as legit again, and again, and again, and again, and again…

      Please stop.

  1. lol, you wonder where the stereotypes of fat america comes from, then you see the iowa corn picture and laugh

    1. lol, you see where the stereotypes of fat America are perpetuated, as you notice only how fat they are and not the actual joke

  2. That last cartoon is pretty funny, but what IS the guy doing in the last panel? Is he texting on a smartphone or similar device? I see that he has a bottle of Jack; maybe he’s rolling a doobie? What IS he doing?

  3. Derek is banging Sarah Anderson, That’s why her lame comics (which are always the same) make it in. BOOOOOOOOOOOO

  4. Is that first done by a woman?

    I’m trying to decide if it’s funny or not, but it looks like a woman’s changing room and women aren’t funny.

    Also, it’s completely innocuous. So, you know, gay.

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