Instagram Account Documents ‘Average Parent Problems’ [14 Pics]

The Instagram account Average Parent Problems (run by is full of relatable parenting moments…

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      1. It’s called respect for others. And in fact their own children, because spoilt kids will have to learn the hard way when they enter the real world.

      2. Letting your child climb into a bin of candy that other people will be buying while snapping a pic is completely lacking in respect for others. If I saw that in a grocery store I’d be disgusted.

    1. Good point, Mr.-random-person-without-kids. Too bad when you were a kid, your parents never took pics of you acting anything but 100% perfect. What a special little perfect snowflake you must have been!

      1. Okay, you know what?

        Go fuck yourself.


        Anyone that jumps to the “Well, you’re not a parent” bullshit can go straight to hell.

        1. Yes, I agree with what Anonymous said. The only thing I would change is I would say “Please” and then I would add “go fuck yourself.” My parents taught me to be considerate and respectful. Unlike the people in these pictures.

    2. Trust me, there’s plenty of time for a quick pic of whichever disaster I happen to be navigating at the time.

    3. The mindset that every situation needs to be dealt with immediately, and in the most efficient and perfect way, is why some people end up resenting their children. Taking a picture is just the new “HONEY, COME SEE THIS” and just because you grew up before camera phones were a thing doesn’t mean your parents didn’t take a minute to laugh at you when you dumped your soup all over yourself or whatever. And your “special snowflake” comment doesn’t make any sense, because the parents who see their kids that way are the ones who stress the fuck out and spring into action right away, rather than letting their kids learn how to deal with the consequences of their behaviour and how to deal with uncomfortable situations.

      1. So you don’t agree that the kid who’s inside the candy thing at a store or the kids climbing over the booth into the next seating area need to be dealt with immediately? You think it’s okay for kids to just disrespect public property like, especially the one who is IN A CANDY BOX, probably getting germs all over everything for the next person to enjoy because I’m sure that kid’s parent didn’t apologize to the store owner and buy the candy that his kid had its grubby little fingers and possibly drool on?

        I’m so tired of obnoxious people like you. I’m sorry if you think it’s unreasonable for parents to rein in their children who literally stick their hands and heads into food dispensers, or climb over chairs in a public space. I’m sure I wasn’t perfect as a baby, but my mom had enough respect for other people to keep me from being a little shit and sticking my bare hands onto food that doesn’t belong to me, or from climbing into the booths next to me. I see little shits all over the place in stores who are just making an absolute mess of stores, being rude, running around and yelling, pulling stuff off the shelves and just leaving it on the floor while mom and dad just completely ignore it.

        “rather than letting their kids learn how to deal with the consequences of their behaviour” What are you even talking about? Taking photos of your kids misbehaving and laughing about it isn’t teaching kids anything. How is not springing into action and telling your kids “Don’t, don’t put your hand in the candy jar, that isn’t yours” going to turn them into special snowflake children who don’t know how to deal with consequences of their own behavior? Stopping your when they misbehave is called parenting.

        Sorry, but I see kids behaving like this all the time in public and the parents never do literally anything about it, and I don’t see how that helps anyone.

        1. A-fucking-men.

          And you know what?

          It’s no coincidence that the string of shootings we’ve been having is going on at the same time that kids raised like this are now turning old enough to buy guns.

          You’ve got a bunch of self centered, narcissistic, megalomaniacs raised on trophies just for showing up and hourly affirmations turning 18 and realizing that the world isn’t putting up with their bullshit.

        2. Just a side note, the child in the candy dish, it looks like the candies are Air Heads = Wrapped in foil sealed packages. So not as gross as it could be.

          1. I still don’t want to buy it even if foil was around it when icky kids/people are licking or wiping their fingers all over it.

  1. A few of these, especially the first, are just a case of lazy, terrible, self-entitled parenting. Do your job, face the consequences of your actions, and stop letting your spoilt brats run wild. Nobody wants to see your ShitScream Machine™, let alone hear them or have them standing on other people’s furniture (see 1).

      1. It shouldn’t matter if someone is in the other booth, don’t let your children act like disrespectful wild animals in public. Don’t even let something like that slide, cause it’s the kids whose parents let them get away with that crap that turn into adults who think they have a right to act like total jack asses

  2. I’m not a random person without kids. I have a 19 and 21 year old. I wouldn’t have thought it was funny if my children climbed over a booth, stuck their head in a candy container or even trashed their own room. I would have been horrified and angry.

    I own my own business and EVERY DAY I see examples of lazy parenting. Kids running around the store, picking up things and leaving them wherever. And their parents occasionally call out their name but never actually do anything even when we ask the children to stop doing whatever their doing. Which, by the way, most of them are at the age when they should know better.

    I don’t need a hug, I didn’t raise perfect kids, but I am tired of lazy-ass parents. When was the last time you were in public and didn’t hear a kid screaming? Can’t remember? Me neither.

    1. I haven’t heard a kid crying/screaming in public for ages…. and I go outside ALOT. I think the last time I heard a kid screaming/crying was last year when my little sister fell off a trampoline at her friends house.

    2. I don’t think it’s fair to assume that these are all lazy parents just based on one picture. Like you said, you didn’t raise perfect kids (nobody does). If we see only a few select picture of your kids when they were at their worst, it will be easy to assume that you are a lazy parent too. Don’t judge them on just a few pictures.

      1. A brilliant sales maneuver, just like putting the sugary cereals at toddler level! You know the kids are going to be lingering there awhile, so wine sales are going to be spectacular.

  3. So, first off, it is SO hard to tell anything about a child and their parents based on one picture. Plus, do we know it’s the parents taking the pictures? Not a babysitter (be they related or not) who, as they aren’t their kids are a bit less likely to be super embarrassed and also not necessarily as comfortable with disciplining the kids in public.
    I do agree that there are issues with kids manners these days- I was in line behind some people at a store, the kid wants candy but is being HORRIBLE. Keeps pulling things off the pegs in the checkout line, going into the next check lane where the cashier would be because it’s unoccupied, etc. Parents keep saying “if you don’t behave you don’t get a treat!” “If you do that one more time you don’t get a treat!” Needless to say, kid did NOT stop. HOWEVER- instead of having a kid mad that they didn’t get a treat, they still got it, and thereby said “nothing we say has consequences!”
    Then you have the parents with 5 SUPER well behaved children that came into my small store, and even though one got into trouble and had to go sit alone in the cart, they did so with little argument because presumably they knew arguing wouldn’t help. I’m getting off point kind of though- Basically, some kids are horrible, and yes, they should be stopped, but if it’s a one off thing, taking a picture for 2 seconds to go “oh my God can you belive they did this???” Is not world ending provided they stop the behavior after.
    It’s hard to know what’s what from a picture though, so I’d say trying to take it as just a funny (or not so funny) thing because getting annoyed is only hard on you. But really, some kids are just horrible, and working in retail I see it way too much.

  4. Here’s a tip.

    Next time you see someone failing to be a parent, walk up to them and say something.

    Most parents will be very receptive and grateful, will seldom take offense or proclaim that they are “THEIR children” and that they’ll “raise them however they want”. Because, you know, kids are property.

    1. Allow me to summarise:
      Whiner: “Stop taking pictures and raise your children properly!”
      Patroniser: “You need a hug and don’t have children.”
      Whiner: [anger intensifies]

  5. You guys are silly these kids are all like three. they are hardly sentient okay? Why is everything on fire in the comments section?

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