The 28 Funniest Town Names in the World

All of these towns and cities have curiously ridiculous names… [via 22words]

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    1. I was scrolling through the photos and thought, “Ha! No Cut-N…oh there it is!”
      I remember moving close by from Boston and eating at Muleshoe BBQ in Cut-N-Shoot and thought, “I’m not telling my family about this”

  1. I had family that lived in Elephant Butte for a short time! Cracked me up when I was kid, still cracks me up to this day.

    1. Don’t lie. No one actually lives in Elephant Butte, they just visit for the lake. (I grew up 2 hours from there)

      Also, no Booger Hollow, Arkansas?

  2. Yolo County is next to Sacramento County in Cali. It houses UC-Davis, a school I’m interested in. The buses have Yolo Bus on them, it’s kinda funny seeing.

  3. There is a town in the northern part of Kentucky called Rabbit Hash. If you travel down Rt. 42 to get there, you go through what used to be the town of Sugartit and keep going until you get to Beaverlick. You turn at Beaverlick and go down Beaver Road, past Big Bone Lick State Park and then finally arrive at Rabbit Hash.

    1. We have some weird names in Australia like the town of Woop Woop (which is colloquial Australian for a very remote place and it is) but I think this takes the prize!

    1. nobody forgot Austria, it’s just that’s not really a funny name, I mean “Austria” come on, it’s not like it’s even trying 😀

      1. They mean the place Fucking, which is located in Austria you numbskull. There is punctuation for a reason.

  4. I live about 45 minutes from Toad Suck. Supposedly, the name comes from a tavern the rivermen would frequent and would “suck on the bottle until they swelled like toads.” They have a pretty cool festival every year that, of course, includes toad races.

  5. I’ve been to intercourse! It’s a lovely place full of Amish and Mennonites. Strangely, they also developed a sort of hologram technology. It’s the same technology that’s used at vocaloid concerts.

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