The 18 Most Savage Break-Up Messages of All Time

These people are all breaking up with their significant others, and they have absolutely zero chill… [via guff]

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  1. The first 2 are obviously fake (professional quality staged photo), and the dollar bill is SO obviously photoshopped.

    1. why would the dollar bill be photoshopped??? if you were gonna fake that, it’d be easier to just pull a dollar out of your wallet and write it out.

  2. Those women who spent the joint bank account money/investment money are billboards were very short-sighted. The burst of savage joy was probably awesome, but that was real-ass money that they’re going to need to pay their real-ass divorce attorney. And retire on. Etc..

    Props to the guy who dumped “wtf she’s fat!” girl.

    1. I’m sure a bit of money on a billboard didn’t break the bank for these ladies. It’s not like it’s so expensive it threatens your retirement.

      And she totally dumped him.

      Why keep naked ladies as your background pic? Do you not ever use your phone around other people (like maybe your current gf) who might glance over your shoulder?

  3. It’s not savage to break up with somebody through a note written on cake or pizza. At least they cared enough to give some comfort food.

    1. But would that ruin that food for them in the future. Every time they open a pizza box, they’re going to have a flashback.

      And speaking of ruining food, the dumpee who got the cake in the first pic is better of without that person. Who the hell puts blueberries on a chocolate cake?!?! 😀

  4. Here’s a tip ladies,

    if you’re planning on buying a GPS tracking device or going through your partner’s phone when they’re in the shower, JUST BREAK UP!

    You are clearly in a relationship that is incapable of trust and invading their privacy shows that you have no respect for them anyhow.

    You’re clearly only with them to appease your own insecurities (which you have ample) and you’re not going to better them by attaching your sense of self worth to who you’re fucking.

    All women who have no trust and trample through their partner’s privacy are the type of women who become whoever they’re dating, because deep down they’re really just nobody and boring.

    1. Your pompous lecture applies to dudes who pull that same shit as well. Don’t try to pretend it’s only women.

    2. I do think that women and men that fell they need to take those measures shouldn’t be with the person they’re with. However, generally the reason for being a snoop generally comes from feeling shut out or feeling like the other person is hiding something. Which, unfortunately, they are a lot of the time. Obviously the person shouldn’t be snooping, but saying “you shouldn’t have gone through my phone!” When they find stuff is crap. Looking through a phone is not as bad as cheating. It’s bad, but generally only because someone is hiding something. Maybe women would quit trampling your privacy if you quit lying to them.

      1. And you shouldn’t worry about privacy if you have nothing to hide…

        Wait, isn’t that what corrupt government officials always say?

        1. ^yeah… trust-breaking behavior in a relationship – like cheating or invading privacy- is like shit on a sandwich. Even if one sandwich has more shit on it than the other does, they’re both still ruined.

  5. [email protected] says:

    The last one is ripped off from Homer Simpson. So much funnier when he said it.

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