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    1. probably more along the lines of someone thinking it’s coffee creamer all week, then finding out on Friday (or whenever) that it’s breast milk and the feeling of disgust they get will have them stop stealing this woman’s creamer going forward

      1. I don’t get it though. We drink milk ranging from the most intimate breast of our mothers, to the least intimate udders of random animals, what’s so disgusting about it?

        1. Nothing is disgusting about it other than it’s sweeter than other (non-flavored) milks because it bears an infant’s nutrition. So like thin condensed milk.
          However, most adults (particularly males) think that anything having to do with a female’s natural bodily functions is disgusting. Also, psychologically, adults probably wouldn’t want to have had anything to do with infancy-related stuff after being weaned.

        2. It’s untreated fluid from another person’s body. Milk has been through multiple processes to remove any possible pathogens, but I doubt this person pasteurizes their breast milk.

        3. The disgusting part is that humans steal milk from the cow’s baby while the baby is taken and killed for veal. after being raised in the cruelest way possible. The cow is artificially impregnated on the “rape rack” time and time again, giving birth and having her babies stolen. Then she’s killed. Go Vegan!

    2. It’s weird how all milk except cow and goat is supposed to be gross. How the hell did we get here?

      so mammals produce milk to feed their young. And we take advantage of this by stealing the milk from a cow. But god forbid that milk comes from a dog, cat, rat, monkey, or anything. Oh, and human milk, the milk that humans ARE supposed to drink, is extra gross.

      We’re a strange lot.

      1. All milk is sort of gross. Not to mention the human body is not at all designed to continue to drink any kind of milk after infancy.

    1. because then the set would be messed up from starting in the middle rather than the top/bottom. basically they’d be triggering the ocd all over again

      1. Exactly- It’s like taking an egg from two spaces in when you’re only taking one egg. Except worse because you can move the eggs to get them back in the right spot but through pills you can’t. It would basically ruin everything for a few days.

    1. It could be working in the way that she isn’t clawing her own eyes out over how upset she is over this, and instead is just mildly annoyed.

  1. Ha! I’m SO OCD.

    Like the other day I washed my hands until the lye in the soap blistered my skin and I cried on the floor for ten minutes.


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