20 Online Shopping Orders That Did Not Come as Expected

Sometimes the occasional shopping mishap can happen when you rely on the photo provided by an online seller…


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  1. I bet in some of these the price would have been a good tip off. Like a tiny rug that (I assume) is a mousepad is gonna cost $10. An actual Oriental print rug for a room is gonna cost $150-$300, minimum.

    1. Probably a dollhouse rug. . . . but even then wouldn’t be more than thirty dollars at most which should be a tip off.

    2. Dollhouse rugs like that can cost as much as the real thing. My dad does dollhouse furniture and trust me…. 70-120 for that isn’t even shocking to me anymore.

  2. Maybe I’m blind (or just stupid), but can someone explain the issue with #2? It looks like the same product to me.

    1. I think she’s saying from the picture she expected them to be larger but as there’s nothing to show scale you can’t really tell. It’s not poorly made like some of them though!

    2. Yeah, I’m extremely confused by that one, as well. I see absolutely no difference, except that the product has red wine in it in the demo image, and white wine in the customer’s snapshot.

        1. But there were exactly zero reasons for her to think that. You can assume whatever you want about a product; that doesn’t mean you were justified in thinking you got something other than what was advertised.

          The item is clearly not designed for knocking back large quantities of wine. If it was, it wouldn’t have a narrow straw. No, it doesn’t have space for a standard wine pour, but it has plenty of space for a standard wine TASTING.

          I understand that she just made a faulty assumption. I just don’t understand why both she and Jeff thought it made sense to post the two pictures side-by-side and say “Look how different they are!”

    3. They’re port sippers – which are supposed to be that size. But looks like she’s drinking white wine out of them so probably she thought they were full sized wine glasses

  3. I know that online shopping is the wave of the future (circa 2003), but I still can’t understand why people – especially women – buy clothing online. The fit of a garment depends very much on individual body type. You really need to try certain things on, or at least see them in person, before assuming you’ll be able to wear them.

    On a separate note, the people with the blind girl cake got exactly what they ordered. She really should have proofread her text. Don’t assume people will recognize your mistakes and correct them for you.

    1. I buy my clothes online all the time but I buy them from the online site of a brick and mortar shop I used to go to so I know how the clothing fits.

      As for the cake, the baker did a pretty good job on the order given the odd autocorrected request.

    2. I have to order about 95% of my clothes online (as a woman) because stores do not carry my weird size of very tall and thin. They do have plenty of XXL Plus size and Petite though.

  4. Im addicted to browsing aliexpress so i actually have imput wow
    From what ive seen the vendors who sell the giant bears online always include a pic of it before stuffed, it makes sense considering how weird it would be to ship them. Some sell teddy skin sacks for 8 feet tall bears!
    I’m assuming the one features on the list was like that but there’s always the possibility of it being from a naive buyer buying from a really lazy seller who doesn’t bother giving a complete description.

    Buying a mega plush fully stuffed only makes sense in person, they are sometimes stocked at Costco

  5. The giant teddy bead it find, it just came un stuffed! It would be way more difficult and expensive to ship it already stuffed. Just go get some stuffing

    1. I know right? Spend like 20 bucks on stuffing at walmart and you have a giant bear I wouldn’t at all be pissed about that lol

  6. Don’t understand the problem with the “prom dress”. That girl is overweight, so of course it does not look like the picture. And it needs to be pressed – I wouldn’t buy a pair of jeans and wear them without pressing them, otherwise I would be walking around with 3-4 giant horizontal creases through them. Duh.

        1. That’s actually how I got here, six years ago… My pleated grey dress pants were coming unpressed and wallah here I am and I never fricking left, nor did I learn how to repleat those pants…

    1. I’m pretty sure those two pictures show two different kinds of fabric, and no amount of losing weight or ironing (seriously, you iron your jeans?) is going to fix that.

    2. Honestly, I would call you a douche for insulting the girl’s weigh, but I can’t be too upset by someone who irons jeans.

      1. What insult?

        They pointed out their weight in context to what was shown.

        That’s not an insult, that’s reality.

    3. Well, you’re not wrong. She obviously is overweight, and that’s certainly part of the explanation for the dress not sitting on her the same way as it does for the model on the website. But it still looks pretty good on her. I wouldn’t order a dress for a special occasion from a website in any case, though.

      You know the way denim is, the creases from the way jeans are folded in stores usually go away pretty quickly after you wear them, right?

      Do you also wash your jeans after every single time you wear them, in addition to ironing pleats in them?

    1. These glasses are for port, very strong and sweet, you don’t need much… Also, these being for port…The Spanish and Portuguese have a tradition of using bota bags where you can shoot a stream of wine into your mouth from distance. These glasses were likely designed to allow you to do the same thing.

  7. I don’t get it, that black bikini looks EXACTLY like the photo.

    Sure, maybe the model is photoshopped up a bit, but that’s true of all fashion.

  8. A bunch of cheapskates who thought they would make a bargain, most of these were pretty obvious, but if you wish hard enough, you might get it.
    I buy from ebay and aliexpress all the time, its pretty risk free and you can save tonnes of money by cutting out all the greedy middle hands, so one bad delivery that you got a 90% chance of full refund on, why complain?
    Just order a few from different sellers and you will get something useful from at least one and you can sell the rest at a profit.

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