Brilliant Woman Responds to Strict Dress Code by Wearing Outrageous Costumes

Facebook user June Rivas was none too happy when her boss changed the dress code to limit what she could wear to work. So, she protested by adhering to the new rules, but not in the way that her boss had hoped… [via cheezburger]

This first outfit is what she normally wears to work…

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  1. IMHO i dont think this is “brilliant,” i would find it annoying to work with someone like that.

    Just follow the rules… It is not all about you, special snowflake.

    1. She was following the rules, and her boss yelled at her. She complained, and boss changed the rules. All of these follow those rules.

    2. Come on “That girl!” Look at the first pic. Is that in any way unprofessional or offensive ? Read the text. Hair in a scarf, pigtails, and even hair in a smeggin ponytail all ” Unprofessional”. And it’s obvious they don’t have to deal with customers so what’s the deal anyway ? That supervisor is an idiot. And this is the perfect way to deal with it.

    3. Yeah, it would be annoying to work with someone who is fun, has a sense of humor, and is capable of standing up for herself. I’d much rather have all cubicles adjacent to mine occupied by bland, indistinguishable robots who never subject me to horrific distractions like “variety” or “jokes.” It’s really much better if we all sit rigidly in place, repeat “yes, ma’am” in unison every fifteen minutes, and wait to die.

    4. Wow, you are a moron. She was clearly dressing professionally when there no specific rules in the company’s policy. Her company would lose the lawsuit, especially for the “cultural head wraps” remark. This a violation of federal anti-discrimination laws. HOWEVER, this employee is clearly showing cleavage in at least three of the pics that she is voluntarily posting online. She is hurting her case.

      1. It’s ironic “that girl” would find it annoying to work with this employee while pretty much everyone else in the world would likely find it annoying to work with “that girl”…

    5. If she was really dressed unprofessionally (sweat pants, showing tons of skin, etc.) then the issue would be real. Her boss had a problem with her wearing the same hair style too many days in a row. That is a load of steaming bull crap.

  2. I’m a business owner and I think what she had on was completely professional. Looks like she works in a cubicle so any client contact? I think it is hilarious and if an employee showed up in a costume at my office and was OTHERWISE a good staff member, I think I’d laugh and get the point.

  3. Like others have said, if she doesn’t have customer contact, just about any of those outfits would be fine. Office work can be dull as f**k. Liven things up, as long as it doesn’t interfere with others getting their work done. Is she holding useless meetings? Sending out boring and pointless memos to everyone? Wasting time creating stupid dress code rules? No? Then leave her alone.

  4. I’m on her boss’s side.

    Given that she’s making a public spectacle of the situation and posting it all over the internet just because she thinks she’s immune to any fallout with the potential lawsuit, I think it’s clear that she’s also the type of person to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

    I very much doubt her claims at face value and just see a grown woman throwing a temper tantrum that’s damaging the company she works for.

  5. The outfit in her first picture is fine. However, wearing a bandana on your head to work?! Very unprofessional! Does not even look sppropriate with the outfit as the clothing is dressie and the bandana is extremely casual. Looks like she just didn’t bother to Fix her hair. Bet she didn’t come to the interview that way! Grow up and fix hair professionally. Sloppy and sweatpants look v. office hair style. Seriously, is her hair a professional hair style under the bandana? Obviously not or she would not wear a $2 bandana! If it was at least a pretty scarf… And now she is pitching a little fit to get to do whatever she wants and is even more unprofessional thereby proving that she is not dressing appropriately purposefully. Not a way to be successful! Will wonder why not promoted!

  6. I’m with the “not a fan of bandanas on ladies” crowd. I mean Jesus fuck. She looks like a damn slob in her original pic. Who knows what these fools do for a living but they damn sure got a lot a free time. If every race is equal these days, his can a fool be exported?

  7. Is this outrage against her outfit a cultural thing?
    She looks completely 100% fine.
    And I hope all that publicity and her creativity lands her a better job.

    1. It isn’t her clothing in the original picture. It is the bandana and the lack of professionalism in wearing a bandana on your head in a professional setting. Her bandana On her head looks like sweatshirt and Netflix, hiking or cleaning the house day v. An office setting and a pantsuit. She appears to have put very little effort into her hair. When in a corp setting I spent 30 min daily in my hair every morning while preparing for work (washing, drying, curling, styling, etc) and if dud have bad hair day I then wore in such a way that it was still professional. And the bandana is not at all professional. Professional appearance goes along with a professional job and climbing the ladder.

  8. Do really people care for a bandana?


    I haven’t had sex in two months and still my pussy isn’t this dry.

  9. the scarf is ugly. the cosplay is ugly. pigtails are not for work. i bet she won’t be in cosplay when she starts going on job interviews.

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