9 Non-Threatening Leadership Strategies for Women

Sarah Cooper of The Cooper Review returns with some tongue-in-cheek humor for all the working women out there. Follow The Cooper Review on Facebook for more great stuff like this…

21 responses to 9 Non-Threatening Leadership Strategies for Women

  1. This is satire but it’s exactly how we women talk in the work place and it’s infuriating. I might try that fake mustache move though…

    1. Don’t lump us all together. Put your big girl pants on and show them what youre made of. You earned that position, show them why.

    1. #1 would – imho – be better phrased as “Do you think you can do it by monday?”; (as a man) I would say it that way, just because it’s nicer

      and i’d use #4 with a very sarcastic smile ^^

    1. Nah. Questioning masculinity is pretty much exclusively the province of the people who live in a state of perpetual terror that someone else will question theirs, so no, you probably shouldn’t.

      (Well, unless the goal is to show the world how complete your surrender is to their opinions of you. In that case, question away.)

      1. It’s similar to the way that Marty McFly had to learn to stop giving a shit about being called a chicken.

  2. Now flip it where it’s a guy a female dominant workplace.

    Threatening: “This is Gary, he’ll be starting with us today.”

    Non-Threatening: “We decided to pass on the applicant.”

  3. I can’t agree with this. I was working in three different companies these last 10 years, the most rigids, threatening people were women. It seems like women having high responsabilities need to prove that they can be thougher that men. I can’t understand the logic. Always making a difference by highlighting how momen are victims do not deserve us. I think that being a feminist is all about equality not about blaming.
    Sorry for my bad english…

    1. Hahahah, tath is so funny! You completely didn’t get it! You feel threatened by women because they are women, but if men did the same thing, it would just be normal and completely ok. You just don’t WANT to accept the same kind of behaviour from women. THAT IS THE POINT OF THE CARTOOONS!!!!

  4. I love how this builds up – the first ones seem reasonable are are things that are actually being taught by leadership coaches (only to women, of course). The last one tops it – I think I will buy a moustache to take to meetings. And a machete or something.

  5. man your just hittting all the sensitive feely parts for people today…feminist humor that actually makes quite a few people.. women and men.. fidget in their seat and a political post about trump… batting a thousand..just stick to cats and dogs we have this shit blasted in our face every inch of the day this is where we come to watch birds make fart noises

  6. These are my life. And I appreciate someone making a cartoon that represents my daily experiences. Really sad for those who, say, maybe have not had those experiences and thus must loudly proclaim they don’t exist.

    Maybe one day it’ll happen to you and you’ll realize how frustrating it is.

  7. Gender nonsense aside, you could try adding “please” and/or “thank you” occasionally. It’s called manners.

  8. Half of these are legitimate and good ideas regardless of gender. Our society is short on civility and there’s no reason why a leader can’t be diplomatic when talking to people. Far more gets accomplished when you do.

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