Girl Lives Through Nightmare of Having to Read Her Mother’s Sexts

Oh, the horror! Apparently, this 60-year-old mother accidentally added her daughter to a private text conversation that she was having with her boyfriend. YEESH! [via someecards]

7 responses to Girl Lives Through Nightmare of Having to Read Her Mother’s Sexts

  1. Yeah, too bad she couldn’t have stopped reading when it was clear it was sexts, texted mom about the mistake, and then deleted all the rest of the texts right there!

    I hope the daughter asked permission before publishing all these texts that were obviously meant to be private. Even if she is “anonymous” on the internet, this is just mean if the mom and the boyfriend didn’t consent.

    1. Yeah, especially because she used her mom’s name, so everyone will know that it was “mom”. People should really keep these things private.

      1. Well he called her Sharon, and there’s only one of those. Someone call TMZ and let them know what’s going on with the Osbournes.

  2. My mom bought a rabbit vibrator when she was in her late 60s. She forgot her account was attached to mine and my husband’s and we could see all her purchases. I never had the heart to tell her I knew. She’s so uptight. Lol.

  3. Mom is 66, her daughter is about 30-40. Mom has been like this probably all her life and the daughter knows it. Even if not what is the “kid” gonna do. Mom probably has no shame and could care less. One of the privileges when getting older…shit doesn’t intimidate one like before. Good for mom she still has her sexual drive, menopause didn’t take that away at least.

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