Why Can’t This Cat Stop Putting Her Paws in the Air?

The name of this cat is Keys, and she has the curious habit of routinely throwing her paws in the air (and waving them around like she just don’t care). Unfortunately, no one can explain WHY she’s actually doing it. Do you have a theory? Follow Keys on Instagram for more…

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  1. Does she want to be picked up? I’ve seen people who’ve trained their cats to do this when they want attention. Is it possible that at some point someone (perhaps a previous owner) taught her this trick? If so… in a way she’s getting what she’s asking for… because immediately attention is drawn to her and cameras come out. It may have started as a request for physical attention, but now she’s realized that it gets her attention in another form, so she keeps doing it.

    Mind you, this is just an idea. There may very well be a physiological or neurological reason why she’s doing this. I’m not a cat expert, beyond having owned them my entire life. I have one cat who will sometimes stand up on her hind legs or reach out with her paws to get attention… But nothing like this.

    Really interested to hear if anyone else has any insight, because it’s a fascinating habit for a cat to have.

    1. Cats learn all sorts of odd behaviors, some of them as ploys for attention and some of them for less easily identifiable reasons. My cat, for instance, has discovered that he can latch his claws onto my pants and physically pull me down toward him. And if I’m standing up behind my desk, he’ll sometimes sit down in front of me and flop over in a way that makes me catch him in my arms. These are clearly efforts to get physical attention, but there are other, less straightforward ways he responds to our interactions, as well. Because we walked together most of the time when he was young, he’s taken to following sidewalks even when he’s out on his own.

  2. Does she do it to appear larger in dangerous situations? Who knows? It’s a pretty cool quirk, at any rate.

    Side note: Love that cat’s colour pattern!

  3. The markings on her tummy spell out the magic word that will restore her to human form. If only humans could decipher it….

  4. Beautiful cat. Looks like it is some kind of nervous disorder that triggers at times. Front legs and paws are thrown too far back to be a natural body response. Thankfully she has great owners who love her and her “cute” quirks.

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