19 Crazy Madmen Who Have Gone ABSOLUTELY BONKERS

These mad lads have all gone completely mental! Seriously, they are out of control…somebody stop them!



26 responses to 19 Crazy Madmen Who Have Gone ABSOLUTELY BONKERS

  1. I’m pretty sure a few of these, the point is to come off like someone going “omg I’m such a rebel lolol” when doing something really mundane (mostly the guy drinking Fanta instead of Coke who told his dentist to get rekt; I just assume that one was supposed to be a joke).

    The kid flipping both birds all covert-like in the class photo is pretty cool, though.

    1. The post isn’t titled “people who think they’re being hardcore but totally aren’t” so whether these were intended to be a joke or not doesn’t really invalidate them being in this post.

    1. Almost every post on this site has some douche acting like it’s objectively not funny. If you were attempting to find one of the few things in the world you can say and be objectively wrong, you’ve succeeded.

    1. But perhaps if he (I’m presuming it’s a boy) is that bored, he could spend the time working on his spelling and grammar.

  2. Jesus, they put a potato on his crotch AND made him hold a spoon? How depraved can you get? I mean the potato is pretty fucked up but the spoon is WAY too far. I can only hope that with years of therapy Dan eventually recovers and learns to trust again.

    1. Also not technically wrong about the fact that high sugar intake can also end up causing a sensation similar (though often of much lower severity) to a hangover.

      1. half a pound of m&ms would send me to the john for several hours and leave me miserable for 2-3 days. Chocolate=milk=lactose, and Red M&Ms have red40. Allergic to milk, lactose intolerant, and allergic to red40. That’s enough to incapacitate me.

  3. I think this shit was absolutely delightful. If I took it waaaaaaaaaay too seriously I may have objections like the other folks who commented.

  4. Tbf the one with the crisps under the bed covers… I would guess the implication was that they were baked and retreated to bed with mountains of crisps

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