27 Examples of Completely Terrible Design

Somebody didn’t think these through…

27 responses to 27 Examples of Completely Terrible Design

    1. It’s in a camouflage print traditionally meant for concealment.
      When you loose that ball it’s gone forever.

    2. The golf ball is camouflaged. It would be difficult to find in the woods or out of bounds, where many balls end up.

  1. Ten stairs, including the bottom landing. What do I win?

    The pedestrian crossing point actually seems justified. They probably decided to paint the lines as a warning to anyone who might otherwise use that space to turn around, or just to park. And with the peephole, I’ve got to assume that it was there before the window was installed. Granted, the peephole would have probably been in the center of the door if it was originally solid wood. But it might have previously had translucent glass, necessitating the peephole to see anything other than a vague outline.

    My pedantry aside, this was a damn amusing list

      1. Yeah, you could probably do it if you’re completely sober, have decent eyesight, stable legs, and don’t take it too fast.

        Anyone who isn’t all four of those things is buggered though.

        1. I would probably fall down those stairs regardless of whether or not I was drunk or whether they had that carpet

  2. I am a stormwater engineer. I would say 1 in 10 stormwater catchbasins are set with the rim higher than the surrounding pavement. It is a very common and frustrating problem.

    1. Plus there’s the issue of sinking! It might’ve been lower when the asphalt was laid, but both the earth beneath settling, and erosion from leaking drains, made it sink around the more solid drain itself.

      (Environmental Science major!)

  3. I’d bet some of these are fulfilling some moronic requirement of building code or regulation. Stairs? Must have handrail. Must have a bike lane here. That yellow gate probably was part of a fence. Need a bathroom, but don’t have room for both toilet and shower.

    1. Could be for some, but code-compliant handrails are continuous, so that little thing doesn’t cut it by current standards. A few of these actually don’t meet US building code. Besides, if you’re required to do something, making it useless is pretty lazy.

  4. That stadium seat is 100% legit.

    It’s called an “obstructed view” seat and there are worse ones than that.

    NEVER get an obstructed view ticket.

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